"Dream Feather"

The "Dream Feather" is the main element for the enhancement of Hainan Airlines' passenger cabins. The entire environmental design has been developed by Hainan Airlines and Priestman Goode, the prestigious U.K. design firm, after two years of hard work.

The "Dream Feather" embodies the idea that "a dream is transformed into a flying feather", and by gathering feathers we get wings for to fly high. Feathers have a beautiful and fluid shape. The feather pattern has been applied throughout the aircraft,including wall coverings,curtains, chairs and floors, to create a unique brand image

3-cabin layout gives you more choices

With the introduction of the new Premium Economy Class cabin, the Boeing 787-9 comes equipped with 3 separate cabins with a total of 294 seats. 26 seats in business class, 21 seats in premium economy class and 247 seats in economy class.

For the business class cabin, the 1-2-1 Reverse herringbone layout is improved with the seat spacing being increased to 46’’.
The premium economy class cabin has a layout of 2-3-2 . You can enjoy increase of seat spacing compared to the seats in the economy class cabin.
3-3-3 layout for the economy class cabin has a seat spacing of 32’.

Seat enhancement for the Business Class cabin

  • Reverse herringbone seat

    The seat spacing has been increased from 42" to 46" giving you even more legroom. You can enjoy your own private seating area with 5 storage areas.

  • Light

    Simple shape and dimmable soft lighting will provide a gentle and cozy atmosphere.

  • Innovation

    Nomex Technical fabrics are applied for the inner wall of the seat case, providing more concise protection, and creating a warm and high-level experience.

  • Exquisite

    By applying the leather headrest and cloth seat cover with a feather pattern, a 3-D effect will be made under the cabin lighting. At the dining position, a walnut wood design is used for decoration, blending the oriental and western aesthetics.

Premium Economy class cabin

Gratifying enjoyment Each seat is a comfortable 22.5" wide, reclines XX degrees, is equipped with a 4 directional head rest and has 3 storage areas.

Meticulousness Each seat is equipped with an iPad bracket, its own power plug and USB charging port and for the first row seats there is also an integrated leather leg rest.

Upgrading the Economy Class cabin

The seat is equipped with a 7-direction-adjustable patented headrest and ergonomically designed back-support to create a comfortable experience on the plane. Upper book and newspaper holder design increases leg room.

Hai Studio and wireless surfing

Hai Studio

We installed new generation Panasonic Ex3 entertainment systems that have 1080P high definition screen, 18" for business class, 13" for premium economy class and 12" for economy class.

*Please refer to the actual broadcast on board for relevant entertainment content.

Hai-fi wireless internet

Innovative high-throughput satellite communication solution features several times of bandwidth more than that of the previous generation product.

*Due to unpredictable conditions (such as equipment maintenance, system upgrade, aircraft deployment, etc.), the air interconnection service may change temporarily. Please refer to the actual flight.

Ambient cabin lighting with natural themes

The natural theme for our ambient lighting comes from how the light and colors will change on the surface of a river depending on the position of the sun and moon. We have created harmonic atmospheres throughout your entire onboard experience, from the excitement of boarding, relaxation for takeoff, stability during cruising, coziness for sleeping, and refreshment for waking. We also have special theme lighting inspired by the sea, the sky and the clouds.

Visual harmony both in the air and on the ground

We have integrated the "Dream Feather" design into our service products, logos and VIP check in areas to provide passengers with a consistent visual reminder both on the ground and in the air of our new exquisite brand image.