Flying with Alaska Airlines, Earning double points reward of Fortune Wings Club

Hainan Airlines and Alaska Airlines have built a Frequent Flyer Program cooperation since 2015, members from Hainan Airlines Fortune Wings Club take Alaska Airlines flights can also obtain points accumulation to your account. Members can redeem points from Alaska Airlines for free; at the meantime, flying with Alaska Airlines makes you experience priority check-in, an additional free luggage allowance, priority boarding and other exclusive services.

To show our appreciation for our members’ support, we plan to launch a promotional double integral accumulation reward program. You can enjoy double points of Fortune Wings member accrual benefits by flying with Alaska Airlines as a member of Hainan Airlines Fortune Wings Club from now on!

Alaska Airlines builds more than hundreds of destinations in the United States for your travel plan, from San Francisco, San Diego to New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Orlando; from Salt Lake City to Dallas; from Alaska to Hawaii, the airline network covers the most part of America.

From today, members of Hainan Airlines Fortune Wings Club take Alaska Airlines to the United States not only experience convenient transfer service, but also get double points reward!

【Alaska Airlines Promotional Point Acquisition Standards】

Fortune Wings Club members take both one-way flights and round-trip of Alaska flights in the below flights ranges can enjoy double points accrual benefits. Take AS flights which conform to the policy condition. Then Fortune Wings members can get double points reward.

The reward conditions of classes are listed as below:

 Class   Reservation Class Code   Basic Points Earned   Bonus Points Earned   Total Points Earned 

Business Class
F 150% 150% 300%
P 100% 100% 200%

Economy Class
Y/S/B/M/H/Q/L/V/K 100% 100% 200%
G/T/R 50% 50% 100%


【Terms and Conditions】

1. Promotion date: May 1 - Aug 31, 2019; Flight date: Jun 1 - Aug 31, 2019

2. Promotion Sign-Up: To join in this promotion, please sign up on Hainan Airlines Global Website or call Fortune Wings Club Hotline 950717. Click here for registeration.

3. Please provide your Fortune Wings Club membership card or card number when booking with Alaska Airlines and when printing your ticket at check-in to ensure your timely acquisition of frequent flyer points.

4. Promotion rewarded points will automatically be rewarded to your account in accordance with the point acquisition standard after you take your flight. It will take a minimum of 30 days for the points to be transferred into your account.

5. Alaska Airlines flights promotional award points do not count toward membership leveling status or level points.

6. Golden Deer Jet Club members who take part in discounted tickets cannot simultaneously take part in the above promotion.