Through Check-in

Through check-in service
In order to meet travel needs of connecting passengers, Hainan Airlines has launched the through check-in service featuring "direct baggage delivery under a single ticket" for some international flights passing through the six domestic transit places of Beijing (capital), Shenzhen, Haikou, Chongqing, Changsha and Xi'an. The staff will issue boarding passes for the two segments at the departure airport, and check in your baggage directly to the destination airport, so that you don't have to claim your checked baggage at the entry and exit transit place.
  • I. Basic conditions

    Your ticket must be a domestic + international connecting ticket self-run by Hainan Airlines for the entire itinerary on an international flight of Hainan Airlines with transit on the same day or departing in the early morning of the next day.


    In addition, the international through check-in route should be approved by the customs, both the departure and transit places should meet the service conditions, and you should check in your baggage according to the applicable baggage requirements and agree to authorize opening for inspection.

  • II. Requirements for baggage check-in

    According to the Customs Law of the People's Republic of China, the Measures of the Customs of the People's Republic of China for Controlling Baggage and Items of Inbound and Outbound Passengers, and relevant regulations on civil aviation security inspection in China, a special reminder is hereby given as follows:


    Customersshall not carry items prohibited by the Chinese Customs into China,common examples of which include soil, fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh flowers and seedlings, grain seeds, raw and cooked meats and meat products, aquatic products, eggs, milk and other products, bird nests, animal specimens, furs, bones, horns, and others. Any of the above items is to enter China without declaration to the customs will be subject to evidence collection and a fine by the customs, where the fine is up to RMB 3,700 depending on the severity of the violation.


    Customers shall carry baggage and items to the extent of a"reasonable quantity for personal use",and anything beyond such range shall not enter or leave China. The owner of any inbound or outbound item shall make truthful declaration to the customs, and accept the customs' inspection. "Personal use" means personal use or giving as a gift to any relative or friend by the customers, rather than sale or rent. "Reasonable quantity" means a regular quantity specified based on travel purpose and length of stay of customers.


    Customers may carry up to 400 inbound cigarettes, 100 cigars or 500 grams of tobacco; duty-free alcohol (above 12% alcohol content) is limited to 2 bottles (each under 1.5 liters). Customers under the age of 16 shall not carry any tobacco or alcoholic product into China.If the items carried exceed the tax allowance, the excess shall be placed in the hand baggage and declared forwardly to the customs upon entry. If any item to be declared has to be checked in, the customers shall inform the staff actively. Boarding passes and checked luggage can only be processed to the transit.


    Do not place any item prohibited by the Civil Aviation Administration of China in your checked baggage, such as lighters, matches, lithium batteries, rechargeable batteries, controlled knives, all kinds of dangerous goods, firearms and other weapons (including main components thereof), or items that may be mistaken for such devices (e.g., civilian firearms, prop guns, starting guns, steel ball guns, all kinds of illegally made firearms, and replica of the abovementioned items). If the security inspection personnel ask you to be present at the inspection site for handling, the through check-in service may be interrupted, and you may miss the connecting flight.


    According to Announcement [2016] No.6 of the
    Civil Aviation Administration of China on Issuing the Catalogue of Items Prohibited from Carry-on and Check-in by Civil Aviation Passengers and the Catalogue of Items Restricted in Carry-on and Check-in by Civil Aviation Passengers,customers are prohibited from carrying liquid items in their carry-on luggage on domestic flights (excluding cosmetics, toothpastes and shaving creams for personal use during air travel).When any duty-free liquor purchased at an overseas airport or on board, or any liquid item for personal use other than during air travel is carried as part of your hand baggage, it may have to be checked in again according to the local airport's security inspection requirements during your transfer in China.


    Customers handling through check-in shall ensure that there is no item declarable to the customs and no prohibited item in their checked baggage. When handling the check-in procedure, please read the Passenger Check-In Baggage Waiver Form carefully, be sure to fill in your name and a contactable mobile phone number in regular script (fill in a number within the territory of China where possible), and be sure to keep your mobile phone on and reachable at the transit. The customs personnel may inspect your checked baggage and ask you to be present at the inspection site for handling randomly. If the customs procedure is not completed due to poor communication or if there is any item that needs to be declared or is prohibited, the through check-in service will be interrupted, and you may miss the connecting flight.

    Kind reminder: Your signature must match the name on your baggage tag. A Chinese passenger must sign in Chinese, a foreign passenger may sign in English, and a passenger unable to take care of himself/herself may have his/her name signed by a companion. The signature shall be clear and legible.

  • III. Reminder on passenger boarding

    If you handle through check-in, the departure airport will print the boarding passes for the two segments at a time. The closing time and position of the boarding gate for the second segment are as confirmed on site at the transit place. Please confirm the information by checking the flight screen at the transit airport or inquiring the staff of the transit airport in time upon arrival there to avoid missing your flight.


    For international and regional flights, the opening hours of the exit joint border inspection passage varies from airport to airport. In case of arrival in advance, customers shall handle the check-in procedure until the joint inspection passage is open. If they take a domestic flight connected by an international or regional flight, please make transfer itinerary arrangements in advance. Some international airports in China provide convenient transit services to passengers. Customers may call the airport service hotline or make an inquiry through an official channel of the airport in advance.


    If any flight delay or temporary adjustment results in insufficient transit time, or the through check-in service may be interrupted due to equipment failure, please claim your baggage as prompted by the airport staff, and handle the check-in and baggage check-in procedures again.

IV. List of flights with through check-in available

the list of international through check-in connecting flights of Hainan Airlines in the summer and autumn of 2024 (March 31-October 26, 2024) Please click here to view.International through check-in flights shall be approved and achieved by the customs. Some routes have multiple in-service flights every day, yet only some flights may be available based on the resources at the departure and destination airports. Please check your connecting flight number carefully, and make ticketing and itinerary preparations in advance. We will launch this service for other routes gradually where this service is unavailable and release updates accordingly. If you have any question, please inquire other flight service information through the 24-hour ticketing service hotline 95339 of Hainan Airlines.