Meals in Economy Class

Hainan Airlines

Meals for long-haul flight economy class 

Hainan Airlines is committed to offering fashionable and healthy on-board food for you, as we select high-quality food from all over the world and the most exquisite production technology. On a Long-Haul flight with a voyage of more than 8 hours, we will offer you with 2 meals.

We offer you at least two meal services on long-haul flights longer than 8 hours. There are typically three kinds of entrées for you to choose from, including two Chinese dishes and one Western dish.

We offer you a second meal service 2 hours before the flight landing.

Meals for short-haul flight economy class  

Hainan Airlines is committed to providing passengers with a warm meal. Hainan Airlines is equipped with hot food in economy class of meal flights with actual flight time of more than 80 minutes.

Note:Due to the different routes of different models, the products will have some differences.