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Support for customers with disabilities

Customers with disabilities who need assistance in refund applications, please contact us at the following numbers:  

  • 24-hour toll-free within the U.S.: 1 888 688 8813, then dial 3

  • Customers with hearing or speech disabilities: dial 711 and then request the operator to contact us at the number provided above.

  1. 1. We only process refund applications for bookings made on this site.

  2. 2. Please enter the names of all passengers accordingly if the refund application is meant for more than one passenger. Otherwise you can also submit refund applications separately.

  3. 3. Once an online refund application has been submitted, the website system will automatically process the application (without sending confirmation of this). Your travel itinerary viewed on Check My Trip will be invalid after you make the online refund application. To avoid unnecessary inconvenience, please be sure that you really need a refund before submitting a refund application.

  4. 4. If you book a flight that departs a week later, you can refund your ticket for free within 24 hours after the order is successfully paid.You need to send a refund application to our email: The free refund application within 24 hours must be successfully sent to HNA via email or confirmed by our customer service staff to enjoy the free refund policy.

  5. 5. Except for special circumstances, we will complete the refund procedures within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the passenger's valid refund application. The above time does not include the processing time of the financial institution. If you have special circumstances, please call the customer service of Hainan Airlines website +86-898-95339-5 or send an email to

  6. Tips:
    *1. Please make sure that your ticket information and contact information are filled in correctly, otherwise you will not be able to pass the refund review.
    *2. Please pay attention to your email in time. The result of the refund review will be notified by email.

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