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Introduction of Airbus 350-900

The new A350-900 aircraft have an efficient two-class cabin layout in two different versions.
A350-900 aircraft comprises a total of 334 seats, including 33 Business Class seats arranged in a staggered 1-2-1 configuration. Economy Class adopts a 3-3-3 configuration, with 193 seats having a seat pitch of 31 inches, plus 108 extra-legroom seats with a pitch of 34 inches. It is also equipped with Nespresso capsule coffee machines featuring fully automatic one-touch brewing technology, to meet the need for different types of coffee.


Black Shades and Scimitars

The A350 has won numerous admirers with its attractive exterior, featuring six tinted cockpit windows resembling sunglasses and wings that take inspiration from a falcon's feathers, complete with winglets that curve elegantly upward like scimitars.

Sweet Dreams in the Sky

The temperature control allows passengers in different seats to adjust the climate to suit their personal preference. The carbon fiber composite body pressurizes the cabin to a level more similar to that on the ground. The design of the trailing edge wing flaps reduces aerodynamic noise, ensuring that in-cabin noise levels are 21 decibels lower than the international standard.

Alleviating Jetlag

LED ambient lighting with up to 16.7 million settings imitates natural sunrise and sunset. Special humidifiers keep humidity levels in the cabin more comfortable, while the cabin air is fully exchanged with fresh, outside air every 2-3 minutes.

Greener and More Eco-friendly

The aircraft are made with 53% composite materials, the highest proportion in the industry. This effectively reduces body weight, ensuring 25% lower fuel consumption and a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions.

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Business Class

Seat Configuration: A350(334passengers)

Seats are configured according to a staggered1-2-1 layout with 27.5 inch wide seats and 76 inch long beds Equipped with a cup holder, earphone hook, and privacy partition, as well as 4 storage areas

Entertainment System: A350(334passengers)

It features the industry-leading Panasonic EX3 system with a 16-inch 1080P HD touch screen/remote control entertainment system.
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In-flight Wi-Fi

You can connect to the Internet through our on-board Wi-Fi.There may be temporary changes to the inflight Internet service due to unforeseeable circumstances. More Wifi information

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Brief introduction

  • Average cruising speed (km/h)


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