Hainan Airlines Holding Company Limited Accessibility Plan 2023-2026

I. General

Hainan Airlines Holding Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Hainan Airlines), provides passenger air travel services to destinations throughout China and around the world, including Canada.

Hainan Airlines has been dedicated to ensuring that air travel is accessible to all of its customers, continually working to identify, remove and prevent barriers to accessibility for passengers with disabilities, and consistently striving to ensure that all passengers can have a pleasant air travel experience.

In 2014, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (hereinafter referred to as CAAC) issued Measures for the Administration of Air Transport for the Disabled in protection of the legitimate rights and interests of persons with disabilities during air transportation. These measures regulate the management of air transportation and accompanying services provided to persons with disabilities, ensuring that equal opportunity for air travel is available to all on the principles of protecting safety and respecting privacy and personality. Hainan Airlines complies with CAAC's above regulatory requirements, as well as all other regulations relevant to the transportation of persons with disabilities in the jurisdictions in which it operates. The provisions of Part 2 of Canada's Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations apply to Hainan Airlines' flights to and from Canada.

This Accessibility Plan is made in accordance with the Accessible Canada Act, the Accessible Canada Regulations and the Accessible Transportation Planning and Reporting Regulations. The principles of accessibility set out at section 6 of the Accessible Canada Act are:

1.all persons must be treated with dignity regardless of their disabilities;

2.all persons must have the same opportunity to make for themselves the lives that they are able and wish to have regardless of their disabilities;

3.all persons must have barrier-free access to full and equal participation in society, regardless of their disabilities;

4.all persons must have meaningful options and be free to make their own choices, with support if they desire, regardless of their disabilities;

5.laws, policies, programs, services and structures must take into account the disabilities of persons, the different ways that persons interact with their environments and the multiple and intersecting forms of marginalization and discrimination faced by persons;

6.persons with disabilities must be involved in the development and design of laws, policies, programs, services and structures.

Hainan Airlines Contact Information & Feedback Process

Hainan Airlines has designated its Customer Service Manager to receive feedback on its behalf and welcomes customers and the public to provide feedback, including about its Accessibility Plan. To provide feedback, including on an anonymous basis, or to request Hainan Airlines' Accessibility Plan or a description of its feedback process in an alternate format, you may use any of the following options. And Hainan Airlines will acknowledge receipt of feedback, other than anonymous feedback, in the same manner in which it was received.

By Mail:

Passengers may send written feedback to our Customer Service Manager at the following address:

Hainan Airlines Holding Co., Ltd, Toronto Branch

Suite 103, 6303 Airport Road

Mississauga, ON, CANADA L4V 1R8

By Telephone:

Passengers may call our global customer service hotline:+86 898 95339 (24*7)

By Email:

Passengers may write by e-mail to Hainan Airlines at customer.care@hnair.com

II. Information and communication technologies ("ICT")

Hainan Airlines strives to use information and communication technologies, such as its website and the Hainan Airlines APP, to enhance accessibility for is customers. In order to identify, remove and prevent barriers in the accessibility of the information and communication technologies it uses, Hainan Airlines will:

1.review digital accessibility guidelines, including Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and conduct an assessment of the Hainan Airlines website to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement in its accessibility;

2.investigate ways of enhancing the accessibility of the Hainan Airlines APP to enable passengers to easily buy tickets and get detailed flight information including boarding times, gate & baggage information, and flight delays;

3.ensure Hainan Airlines website and APP made available to the public are accessible to all persons, including persons using adaptive technology;

4.collect and review passenger feedback to identify barriers and make improvements to existing Hainan Airlines website and APP.

III. Communication, other than ICT

Hainan Airlines recognizes the importance of identifying and addressing barriers in how it and its agents communicate with customers, including those who are in need of assistance due to hearing, language, and vision-related requirements. Hainan Airlines offers special assistance services for passengers with hearing and/or visual impairments that can be requested through its website, on the Hainan Airlines APP, or by telephone. Hainan Airlines also strives to ensure that its personnel receive appropriate training so that they are equipped to respectfully communicate information to passengers using diverse and accessible methods.

1. Hainan Airlines will work to update and improve its training programs for customer-facing employees, including regarding disability awareness and methods of communicating with passengers with disabilities.

2. Hainan Airlines will also investigate ways of increasing awareness of the special assistance services it offers, including for its passengers with hearing and/or visual impairments.

IV. Procurement of goods, services, and facilities

Hainan Airlines seeks to ensure that accessibility requirements and considerations are incorporated into its procurement policies and procedures wherever possible.

Hainan Airlines will regularly review its procurement policies and procedures and consider relevant feedback it receives from passengers with disabilities with a view to ensuring that accessibility considerations are integrated into its all of its procurement activities, whether these relate to the purchase of aircraft or contracting with third party service providers. At this moment, Hainan Airlines offers cabin wheelchair services on all our wide-body aircrafts for both international and domestic flights.

Hainan Airlines will also seek out opportunities to collaborate with its third party vendors and suppliers to find ways of enhancing how accessibility considerations can be incorporated into the procurement of goods and services, especially those that will be used by, or to provide assistance to, persons with disabilities.

V. Design and delivery of programs and services

Hainan Airlines has launched the "CARE MORE PROJECT" to assist passengers with disabilities, including wheelchair service; relating to the transportation of wheelchairs and other assistive devices and mobility aids; carriage of service dogs; and special assistance services for passengers with hearing and/or visual impairments. To better serve our passengers, Hainan Airlines has introduced the "HNA 48 Hours/24 Hours/60 Minutes" service programs, available for requests up to 48 hours/24 hours/60 minutes prior to departure, offering boarding assistance to passengers with disabilities. Hainan Airlines' crewmembers and other frontline staffs receive recurrent specialized training to enable them to meet the needs of passengers with different kinds of disability who travel with Hainan Airlines.

1. Hainan Airlines will review the design of "CARE MORE PROJECT" & "HNA 48 Hours/24 Hours/60 Minutes" service programs for passengers with disabilities for opportunities to ensure it is up-to-date with best practices.

2. Hainan Airlines will consult passengers with disabilities, including through the review of feedback, to identify ways in which its employee training programs relating to the provision of special services for passengers with disabilities can be improved.

VI. Transportation

Hainan Airlines recognizes the importance of ensuring that transportation services to and from the airport terminals from which it operates flights are as accessible to all of its passengers as possible.

Hainan Airlines is committed to providing essential services for passengers requiring wheelchairs when traveling by air. At airports that meet the necessary requirements, Hainan Airlines' ground service personnel or/and service providers that has agreements or arrangements with offer wheelchair assistance to passengers during check-in, security checks, and arrival at the boarding gate.

VII. Built Environment

Hainan Airlines understands the need to make its aircraft are as accessible as possible for all of its passengers. All aircraft operated by Hainan Airlines feature seats with movable armrests, facilitating the accessibility of its seats for passengers with reduced mobility. In addition, accessible toilets are available on all aircraft used to operate Hainan Airlines' flights to and from Canada.

Information regarding accessibility at Vancouver International Airport is available on its website:


Where possible, Hainan Airlines will collaborate with airport authorities to identify opportunities to institute improvements in the accessibility of the terminals from which it operates.

VIII. Provisions of CTA Accessibility-Related Regulations

Hainan Airlines is subject to the relevant provisions of Part 2 – Service Requirements Applicable to Carriers, of the Accessible Transportation for Persons with disabilities Regulations ("ATPDR", SOR/2019-244).

IX. Consultations

In preparing its Accessibility Plan, Hainan Airlines consulted via questionnaire with individuals with disabilities who have traveled onboard Hainan Airlines. The questionnaire collected feedback on reservation, ticketing, check-in, embarking, onboard travel, disembarking, and baggage claiming services provided by Hainan Airlines, and aimed to evaluate whether the services provided by Hainan Airlines can meet the needs of persons with disabilities. After fully analyzing the feedback of the questionnaire, Hainan Airlines incorporated seating arrangements, advanced check-in procedures, and dedicated assistance into its plan to further facilitate the travel of persons with disabilities and improve the accessibility of Hainan Airlines’ services. Discussions with employees from Service Standard Department also be carried out by Hainan Airlines frequently in order to update its service standard from time to time.

Hainan Airlines also conducts quarterly feedback questionnaire with employees in departments with responsibility for, and considerable experience in, serving passengers with disabilities to identify areas of training that employees feel they may need to continue to support passengers with disabilities. All feedback is tracked, trended, and reported to senior management on a quarterly basis with actions to address identified barriers.

Hainan Airlines will schedule meetings with the following Chinese Disability groups over the next three years to maintain effective communication with relevant organizations and federations representing persons with disabilities. Face to face interviews, virtual as well as group feedback sessions will be carried out accordingly.

China Disabled Persons’ Federation

Hainan Disabled Persons’ Federation

Hainan Airlines is committed to continuously identifying, reducing, and removing barriers to travel and providing service of the upmost quality to each and every passenger.