Travelling with Infants

  1. 1. We welcome babies who are over 14 days old (or over 90 days old for premature babies) but are still under 2 years old on the date of travel to travel with us.

  2. 2. Domestic: Infant passengers must be accompanied by adult passengers who are 18 years old or above and possess full capacity for civil conduct. Infants can purchase infant tickets, which are priced at 10% of the full fare applicable to accompanying adults, with no seats provided; each adult passenger can accompany one infant passenger.

  3. 3.International: Infant passengers must be accompanied by adults who are 18 years old or above (excluding the 18th birthday of the Gregorian calendar). Unless otherwise specified, the infant ticket price is usually calculated at a 10% discount on the adult fare; if the adult ticket does not provide an infant discount, the discount will then be calculated on the previous higher adult fare that does provide an infant discount. Infant tickets do not provide seats. If an infant requires a separate seat, tickets are eligible for purchase at the child fare applicable under Hainan Airlines’ carriage conditions (If an infant requires a separate seat, please contact us at 86-898-95339 to reserve a seat for the infant passenger). Each adult passenger is allowed to accompany a maximum of one infant. If you have any questions about this, please contact Hainan Airlines customer service hotline at +86-898-95339 for further details.

  1. 1. Baby bassinets are only available for international flights that use wide-body aircraft.

  2. 2. Baby bassinets are only available for infants under two years old who weigh less than 11kg and are under 72cm tall.

    3. If you require the bassinet service, please contact the ticketing office directly affiliated to Hainan Airlines or call the customer service hotline +86-898-95339 at least 24 hours before the flight departure.

  1. The number of infants allowed to travel on a specific type of aircraft is limited due to safety regulations issued by the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration.

  2. If you plan on travelling with a baby, please inform the ticketing agent when booking your ticket, after confirmation that the maximum number of infants allowed as not been met then tickets can be issued for you and your baby. If you arrive at the airport with only your ticket purchased and if the maximum number of infants has already been met then your itinerary may need to be changed.