Article 9 Schedule,Delays, Cancellation of Flights

9.1 The timetable

9.1.1 Hainan Airlines makes every effort to abide by the published timetable transporting passengers and their luggage within a reasonable period of time. Flight time and plane model shown in schedule or other places are not guaranteed, but just predetermined time and models and do not form part of the contract of carriage. Timetables or other publications of schedules or statements and representations made by employees, agents or representatives of Hainan Airlines as to the dates or times of departure and arrival or the operation of any flight are just for reference.

9.1.2 Hainan Airlines will not be liable for errors or omissions in timetables or other publications of schedules or in statements or representations made by employees, agents or representatives of Hainan Airlines , unless the errors or omissions are caused by Hainan Airlines intentionally or a knowingly reckless act or omission.

9.1.3 Hainan Airlines may change flight schedules after selling tickets. Hainan Airlines attempts to contact passengers about schedule change information, if passengers provide valid contact information. If Hainan Airlines makes a major change of flight timetable that passengers cannot accept and Hainan Airlines cannot arrange acceptable alternative flight accommodations for customers after selling the tickets, passenger can request a refund in accordance with the provisions of chapter eleven, article 5.

9.2 The cancellation and changes of flights

As one of the following conditions, Hainan Airlines may cancel, terminate, modify, extend or delay the flights without prior notification.

9.2.1 9.2.1 To abide by the laws, regulations and orders of the state

9.2.2 To guarantee the safety of flight

9.2.3 Arrangements for Irregular flights

9.3 Arrangements for Irregular Flights

Due to one of the 9.2 listed reasons, if Hainan Airlines cancels or delays its flight or fails to provide an already reserved seat to the passenger(including desired class) ; or causes passengers fail to arrive at the point of stopover or destination, or causes passengers holding reserved seats flight to miss connections, it will consider the reasonable needs of travelers to take the following measures for passengers to select:

9.3.1 Rebook the passenger on its first subsequent flights on which space is available or assist the passenger in rebooking on another carrier.

9.3.2 Provide a refund according to the relative regulations about involuntary refund in 11. 5 of Article 11.

9.3.3 Assist the passenger in certain services such as accommodations and ground transportation.

9.4 Limited liability

In addition to those measures above, Hainan Airlines takes no further responsibility to the passenger unless otherwise stated in the Convention.

9.5 Delay of exemption

Hainan Airlines will take all necessary measures to avoid delay of passengers and baggage. Hainan Airlines does not assume responsibility if it has taken all necessary measures or it is impossible to adopt the measures.