Enfant voyageur

  1. 1. An unaccompanied child refers to a child who is at least 5 years old (inclusive) but less than 12 years old (exclusive), and is not accompanied by an adult who is at least 18 years old and capable of civil conduct.

  2. 2. Scope of air transportation not applicable to unaccompanied child service:

  3. a. Sick and disabled children under the age of 12 (excluding the 12-year-old birthday on the Gregorian calendar) travel alone;


    b. Passengers who are at least 5 years old (including the day of the 5th birthday on the Gregorian calendar) but under the age of 12 (excluding the day of the 12th birthday on the Gregorian calendar) on domestic and international cross-flight flights fly alone;


    c. Passengers who issue tickets at non-Hainan Airlines Holding Co., Ltd. or ticket offices not authorized by Hainan Airlines Holding Co., Ltd.;


    d. For Hainan Airlines connecting flights (except for connecting flights on the same plane) or connecting flights between Hainan Airlines and other airlines;


    e. Hainan Airlines is a code-share flight operated by the market.

  4. 3. As our Unaccompanied child Service is limited, please make sure you purchase your ticket and reserve your seat at ticket offices operated or authorized by Hainan Airlines, and apply for this service upon booking by filling in the Service Application Form for Unaccompanied child. (Note: Tickets for unaccompanied minors are currently not available for booking or purchase at Hainan Airlines website. We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause).

  5. 4. On regional and international routes, there are no child discounts for unaccompanied children. Unaccompanied children ticket reservations are charged at the adult sales price.

  6. 5. Your child needs to hold a valid ID, travel document, etc., including passport (or ID card, household registration book), air ticket, unaccompanied children service ticket and other document.

  7. 6.For international and China Hong Kong, China Macao and China Taiwan routes departing from Beijing, please take your child to the ticket counter 58-59 on the 2nd floor of Beijing T2 Terminal for unaccompanied service handover with the staff; if you need to accompany your child to check in together For the procedure, please bring your passport with you.

  8. 7.Due to special needs, we can also provide unaccompanied services for children 12 years old (including the 12th birthday on the Gregorian calendar) to 15 years old (including the 15th birthday on the Gregorian calendar). This service for children 12 years old (including the 12th birthday on the Gregorian calendar) to 15 years old (including the 15th birthday on the Gregorian calendar) is only available on international and regional flights and requires a certain fee, which is charged at 50 Euro/500 RMB/75 CAD/70 USD or other equivalent currencies per person per segment.

  9. Tips: In view of the current international and domestic COVID-19 situation, Hainan Airlines has suspended Unaccompanied Children Services on international inbound and outbound flights, domestic Urumqi inbound and Kashgar inbound flights. Hainan Airlines will also suspend the acceptance of applications for Unaccompanied Children Services for domestic flights in areas with medium to high risks in any city of origin, stopover, and destination from 0:00 on August 8 GMT+8. For passengers who have issued tickets and successfully applied for it, We will continue to serve you. Sorry for the inconvenience brought to you.

  1. 1. Nous offrons aux enfants un sachet “petit voyageur” pour qu’ils puissent y mettre les objets comme les documents de voyage et la carte d’embarquement.

  2. 2. Des personnels spéciaux vous aideront pour les processus comme l’enregistrement, le passage à la douane, le contrôle de sécurité et l’enregistrement des bagages, ils veilleront les enfants et garderont les documents relatifs.

  3. 3. Après l’embarquement, le personnel de l’aéroport transmet les enfants non accompagnés aux stewards qui accompagneront les enfants durant le voyage plaisant.

  4. 4. En cas de retard du vol, des personnels spéciaux occuperont le repas et le logement des enfants, vous aurez également être informé. Si le vol est annulé, nous vous contacterons à temps et déposeront les enfants au lieu de départ.

  5. 5 Nos stewards occuperont soigneusement vos enfants durant le voyage, à l’arrivée de la destination, nos personnels sédentaires accueilleront les enfants puis vous les transmettront après avoir vérifié les informations de l’accueillant.

Les sites étrangers ne sont pas susceptibles pour l’achat des billets pour enfant non accompagné d’adulte, si vous avez besoin de ce service, veuillez contacter la billetterie relevant directement de Hainan Airlines ou appeler le numéro de service de Hainan Airlines. Veuillez nous excuser pour cette incommodité.