Hai Chef

Business class passengers and passengers who come to our VIP lounge can enjoy meticulously prepared cuisine served on special porcelain. Our dedicated team of chefs offer an exclusive menu so you can enjoy world class international and Chinese delicacies.

Hai Chef’s Team Members

We have teamed up with renowned chefs from Michelin Star restaurants and five-star hotels to create our exclusive menu.

Hai Chef’s Presentation

On our long-distance international flights and in our VIP lounges, the food is served on our special tableware which highlights essence of Chinese and Western food cultures. Passengers can browse our vast exclusive menu and order the coveted delicacies anytime, private kitchen services are also available.

Hai Chef’s Products

A wide varity of delicious meals, desserts, snacks and drinks are provided both in our cabin and HNA lounges. The HNA Club has also introduced a brand-new 12 cuisine, each lounge will provide a special freshly-made noodles, a special snacks, and a Chinese dim-sum. We guarantee that all kinds of food will be properly made based on the principle of Natural, Fresh and Delicious, aiming to make sure that every passensger's needs will be satisfied.