[Pay with Points When Booking Online]

Use points just like money and save up to 20% of your ticket fare.

When using points to purchase tickets, members can still accumulate points as per normal accrual standards. You will earn points while using points for consumption. The more your spend, the more you earn. Try it now!

[Product Introduction]

The Money + Points product is a great way for Hainan Airlines Fortune Wings members to use their points to save money when buying tickets. Simply reserve flights on www.hainanairlines.com, check the fares page after selecting your flight, follow the prompts to enter your membership card number, and the page will display the applicable Money + Points payment. If you have enough points, use this method to select the number of points you wish to use. The reduced fare will be displayed directly in the payment details. You can save up to 50% of the base ticket fare (excluding taxes and fees).

[Reservation Channels]

Tickets can only be purchased online via Hainan Airlines' overseas website.


  1. 1. Members can only use points to purchase tickets for themselves and their beneficiaries.

  2. 2. If a booking involves only one adult, the reward point payment proportion is limited to 0%-20% of the fare; if the same booking involves more than one adult, the proportion is limited to 0%-20% of the fare, with taxes excluded in the total fare (the deduction does not cover taxes, including airport tax and fuel tax).

  3. 3. Reward points are non-transferable, and cannot be redeemed for cash.