Hai Chef

Passengers in the premium cabin and VIP room shall enjoy cuisine that has been meticulously prepared and served on special “Pi Xiu” tableware. Our dedicated team of chefs will present an exclusive menu that features both international and Chinese characteristics, enabling our guests to enjoy world-class delicacies.

Hai Chef’s Team Members

Our senior catering managers for Chinese and Western food have joined hands with renowned chefs (Star Chef) from Michelin restaurants and five-star hotels to complete the culinary research and development. Food is meticulously produced by professional catering suppliers and plated by professionally trained cabin and club chefs.

Hai Chef’s Presentation

On long-distance international flights and in VIP rooms, food is served on “Pi Xiu” tableware that highlights both the Oriental and Western food culture, and private-kitchen services are also available. Passengers may order from the exclusive menu with extensive dining options, to indulge in delectable deluxe delicacies.

Hai Chef’s Products

Passengers in the cabin and VIP room can look forward to a wide range of high-quality meals, desserts, snacks, drinks and beverages. Chinese culinary classics and our unique Hainan Airlines’ barbeque are also available on certain flights and in VIP rooms, allowing passengers to savor and experience various delicacies.