Traveling with Animals

    Dear Passengers,

  1. Pets may experience discomfort due to environmental factors such as high altitude pressure and confined spaces during air transportation, which can lead to emotional and physiological fluctuation. Therefore, we kindly advise you to carefully consider the option of checked pet for traveling with your pets.

  2. In the event of accidents involving pets during transportation, Hainan Airlines Holding Co., Ltd. will be exempt from liability for any injuries or fatalities to pets, unless there is sufficient evidence to prove the airline is at fault.

  3. If you decide to transport your pet via checked pet, we kindly request that you thoroughly read the following instructions to prepare your pet for the journey. We wish you and your pet a pleasant trip.

  1. 1. Domestic routes:‘Pet’ as carry-on baggage refers to the dog, cat, pet rabbit, pet duck within weight limitation, which can be transported with its owner on the same flight.

  2.     International and Regional routes:‘Pet’ as carry-on baggagerefers to the dog, cat within weight limitation, which can be transported with its owner on the same flight.

  3. 2. Each passenger can check in up to two pets on the same flight, and each pet needs to be packaged separately. Passengers taking international flights to check in pets must comply with the regulations of the country of entry, and each passenger entering China is limited to one pet.

  4. 3. The total weight of each individually packed pet and its carrier, (including any food and water inside the pet carrier), should not exceed 32kg (inclusive).

  5. 4. Please carefully consider the following situations as they are not suitable for pets to travel by air.

  6. (1) The pet is under 8 weeks of age.

  7. (2) Pregnant pets or pets that have given birth within 48 hours prior to the flight departure.

  8. (3) Pets with diseases related to the ear, nose, throat, cardiovascular system, cerebrovascular system, respiratory system, or digestive system, as well as pets that have undergone surgery within 48hours.

  9. (4) Pets with anxious, delicate, or timid temperament, sensitive to high temperatures and high altitudes, or unable to stay in a pet carrier for an extended period.

  10. (5) Pets that have been administered sedatives or sleeping pills.

  11. (6) Pets that emit strong odors or unpleasant smells.

  12. (7) The following pets and their hybrid breeds are not suitable for air travel:

  13. ① Dangerous dogs and their crossbreeds (including aggressive and aggressive dogs such as fighting dogs, mixed breeds of dogs of aggressive blood, and large dogs of unusually large size that are visually intimidating):Large and medium-sized terriers (e.g., Bellington Terriers, Fox Terriers), Staffordshire Terriers, all Boxers, all spaniels (spaniels), all mastiffs (e.g., Mastiff Mastiffs), Pit Bull Terriers (a.k.a. Pit Bull Terriers), Japanese Tosa Inuits (a.k.a. Tosa Inuits), Brazilian Fellows (a.k.a. Brazilian Mastiffs), Argentinean Dogos de Tuco, and Malinois kennel.

  14. Note: Limited to large and medium-sized terriers only. Small terriers and toy terriers can be transported normally. Small terriers and toy terriers include West Highland White terrier, Mini Schnauzer, etc.

  15. ② Dogs or cats with flat nose: All Bulldogs (e.g., French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs), all Pugs, Boxers, King Charles Spaniels, Shih Tzus, Bull Terriers (e.g., Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers), American Calling Dogs, Boston Terriers, Brussels Griffins (a.k.a., Belgian Rough Collies), Monkey Faces (a.k.a., Affenpinschers), English Playing Quarterbacks, English Toy Snipe Hunters (a.k.a., English Toy Pinschers), King Charles Spaniels, Lhasasars, Pekingese (a.k.a., Beijing Pinschers), Pine Martens, Pekinese Japanese, Shar Pei Pinschers, Shih Tzus; Burmese cats, Himalayan cats, Persians, and Exotic Shorthair Cats (a.k.a., Garfield cats).

  16. ③ Dogs have discomfort with high altitude and high temperature: Samoyed

  17. 5. Hainan Airlines does not provide checked pet services under the following circumstances:

  18. (1) Unaccompanied passengers are not permitted to handle checked pets.

  19. (2) If the transportation of live animals is restricted due to limitations of the aircraft type. (e.g., when there are no suitable compartments in the cargo hold).

  20. (3) If the pet owner has not fulfilled the necessary preparations for pet transportation, such as providing incomplete transportation proof documents or using pet carriers that do not meet the required checked pet conditions.

  21. (4) If the passenger does not agree with Hainan Airlines’ pet transportation conditions or fails to comply with the pet carrier requirements, or refuses to complete the pet transportation agreement.

  22. (5) If the transportation does not adhere to applicable scope and route regulations.

  23. (6) If the transportation does not comply with specific regulations imposed by the government during certain periods.

  24. If the forecasted temperature at any point during the pet transportation journey (place of departure/stopover /destination) When the predicted temperature is below -12 ℃ (inclusive) and above 30 ℃ (inclusive), the transportation of pets as checked baggage will not be permitted. The specific temperature information should be based on the temperature forecast provided by the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) on the day the passenger requests it. Passengers can check the CMA website for this information:, and for overseas stations, please refer to the website of the local meteorological agency to inquire temperature information there.

    Applicable Routes:

  1. 1. Domestic, international, and Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan self-operated flights of Hainan Airlines. For international charter flights with transportation requirements, Hainan Airlines needs to confirm the guarantee conditions and entry policies before providing transportation.

  2. 2. One-stop connecting flight services are not available for pet transportation. For passengers traveling on connecting flights who need to check their pets as baggage, they are only permitted to do so for each individual direct flight segment of their journey. Once they arrive at the transit station, passengers must personally collect their pets and complete the procedures for checking the pets onto the subsequent flight.

  3. Note: Due to objective conditions at some airports(Dongying Airport, Sanming Airport, etc), checked pet service may not be available. Due to changes in airport security conditions, please consult 95339 promptly.

  1. To ensure that the pet transportation service is properly arranged and allow ample time for preparing your pet’s journey, please make a reservation for checked pet service with Hainan Airlines at least 24 hours prior to departure for domestic flights and /48 hours prior to departure for international and Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan flights. When making a reservation for checked pet service, please carefully read and fill out the Pet Transportation Agreement. Please remember to bring the necessary transportation documents for pets and make a checked pet reservation through the available channels provided below.

  2. Domestic departure passengers can make checked pet reservations through the following channels:

  3. 1. Ticket offices of Hainan Airlines.

  4. 2. 24-hour booking hotline of Hainan Airlines 95339.

  5. Overseas departure passengers can make checked pet reservations through the following channels:

  6. 1. Overseas offices of Hainan Airlines.

  7. 2. Please arrive at the Hainan Airlines check-in counter at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight to complete the checked pet procedures.

  8. Regardless of the application channel, you must bring your pet(s), pet carrier(s), Pet Transportation Agreement, and any required proof documents to the Hainan Airlines check-in counter to complete the checked pet procedures.

  9. Please click here to read

  10. Friendly Reminder:If you have applied for the pet consignment service at any two points of the four airports in Chongqing, Taiyuan, Tianjin, and Lanzhou, you may apply for the online self-service pet consignment visualization service through the official WeChat APP of Hainan Airlines. Enter the ID No. in the system and select the pet luggage tag number to access real-time photos of pets during transportation.

  1. To ensure a smooth journey for your pet, please prepare the following transportation-related documents.

  2. For domestic flights:

  3. 1. Animal Quarantine Conformity Certificate issued by the Animal Health Supervision Institute, with the official seal of the institute. For passengers with connecting flights, please ensure that the arrival time at the final destination is not later than the time indicated on the Animal Quarantine Conformity Certificate.

  4. 2. The certificate of small animal vaccine should be provided when checking dogs.

  5. For international flights:

  6. 1. Health Certificate for Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China issued by the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

  7. 2. Valid export/import documents issued by relevant government authorities (destination/place of transit).

  8. 3. Valid health declaration certificate and rabies vaccination certificate issued by relevant authorities.

  9. 4. Ensure that you have all the necessary entry permits, health declaration certificates, and vaccination certificates required by the countries of entry/transit during your itinerary.

  10. 5. Additional special documents required by the government of the countries of entry/transit during your itinerary. For specific document requirements, please refer to the TRAVEL INFORMATION MANUAL, or consult the consulates or embassies of the relevant countries, or visit the official websites of the respective government authorities.

  11. 6. As per the Announcement No.5 of 2019 issued by the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China, titled Announcement on Further Regulating the Quarantine Supervision of Pets Brought into China and the Quarantine Requirements for Pets Brought into the Peoples Republic of China, if you intend to bring your pet into China or have already completed the pet entry procedures, please thoroughly read the relevant regulations (Notice on the Standardization of Quarantine Supervision of Pets Brought into China by the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China) and complete the necessary procedures for pet entry. For specific quarantine requirements, please visit the official website of the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China at

  12. International Arrivals Connecting to a Domestic Flight:

  13. If a passenger enters China with a certificate that meets the conditions of carriage and the small animal passes through customs quarantine smoothly, the pet is permitted to travel on the domestic connecting flight within 72 hours of being retrieved by the passenger.

  1. The pet carrier is crucial for the safe transportation of your pet. We kindly remind you to carefully read the following guideline to ensure that your pet is prepared with a suitable pet carrier.

  2. The pet carrier must meet the following conditions for check-in:

  3. 1. It should be an airline-approved pet carrier made of sturdy materials with a fixed top. The pet carrier must have ventilation on at least three sides, and its door should have a secure locking device made of robust metal that prevents the pet from opening the door once closed.

  4. 2. The pet carrier should have ventilation openings made of metal that are securely installed on it. If the ventilation openings are not made of metal, they must be round or of a shape that allows proper airflow.

  5. 3. All accessories of the pet carrier, including nuts, latches, rivets, and locks, must be sturdy and in good working condition.

  6. 4. The pet carrier should have protruding edges or handles for proper handling during sorting, loading, and unloading.

  7. 5. The bottom of the pet carrier should be flat and will not slide on a flat surface. If you are using a pet carrier with wheels, it is important to securely fix or remove the wheels in advance to prevent the pet carrier from sliding during transportation.

  8. 6. The size of the pet carrier must adhere to the Live Animal Regulations set by the International Air Transport Association (see below for details). The pet carrier should offer ample space for the pet to stand, sit, turn around, and lie down freely in a normal posture.

  9. (1) Size descriptions:

  10. a. Length from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail;b. Height from the elbow to the ground;c. The maximum width of the pet;d. From the ground to the tip of the ears or the top of the head. The height of the pet carrier allows your pet to stand naturally without its ears touching the top of the carrier.

  11. (2) Pet carrier size:

  12. Length = A+0.5B;Width = Cx2;Hight = D

  13. 7. The interior of the pet carrier must be lined with absorbent bedding, such as towels, blankets, pet pads, or white toilet paper, to prevent any excrement from leaking and contaminating other baggage. Avoid using absorbent bedding that contains toxic substances, such as newspapers.

  14. The following styles of pet carriers are not permitted for checked pet:

  15. 1. Combination or collapsible pet carriers.

  16. Combination pet carrier

  17. Collapsible portable pet carrier

  18. 2. Pet carriers made entirely of welded wire or wicker.

  19. 3. Pet carriers having a door or ventilation opening on the top.

  20. 4. Pet carriers having their doors made of plastic or fiberglass.

  21. 5.5. Pet carriers made of soft materials or with soft plastic ventilation grilles(determined by noticeable indentation or deformation in the body or grille when pressed by hand).

  22. However, if passengers voluntarily assume full transportation risks, the following pet carriers can be accepted for check-in:

  23. 1. Pet carriers with plastic strip-style ventilation grilles. It is important to note that there is a very high likelihood of accidents occurring during the transportation process with this type of pet carrier. (For instance, pets may be able to bite through the grille and escape, potentially causing accidents or damaging and contaminating other passengers’ baggage.) Passengers are advised to consider carefully if they are to choose this type of pet carrier.

  24. 2. Passengers who insist on using such type of pet carrier for transportation must make a special declaration with handwritten signature while filling out the Pet Transportation Agreement of Hainan Airlines. By doing so, they acknowledge and accept the risks involved. Furthermore, if the pet escapes from the pet carrier and causes contamination or damage to other passengers’baggage, Hainan Airlines reserves the right to hold the passenger accountable.

  25. 3. When checking in with the aforementioned pet carriers, passengers are still required to comply with all the requirements specified in the permitted pet carrier requirements, with the exception of the requirement2. Packing Requirements for Pet Carriers:

  26. Pet box packing requirements

  27. To further prevent pets from escaping, it is recommended to follow the packing guidelines below to pack your pet carrier:

  28. 1. For the safe transportation of your pet, it is advisable to provide a pet safety net and reinforce the pet carrier. The recommended material for the safety net is nylon. For a large-sized net, the reference size is 125×85×92cm, with a mesh size of 5cm×5cm. For a medium-sized net, the reference size is 95×64×70cm, with a mesh size of 5cm×5cm. The safety net can be reused.

  29. 2. When packing straps are used, they should be applied on the outer layer of the safety net. For medium-sized carriers (with volume specifications greater than or equal to 81×55×58cm and less than91×60×66cm), at least 2 straps should be horizontally and vertically fastened on the top and bottom surfaces, forming a "well" shape. For large-sized carriers (with volume specifications greater than or equal to 91×60×66cm), at least 3 straps should be horizontally and vertically fastened on the top and bottom surfaces, distributed evenly. To prevent startling the pets during packing, it is advised not to strap horizontally on the side surfaces of the pet carrier, and all side straps should be vertically parallel. During the packing process, the straps should be threaded through the pet carrier door grid and safety net grid, entering through one grid and exiting through the next, with even spacing. This ensures that the pet carrier door, carrier body, and safety net are securely fastened together. Correct packing is shown in the diagrams below:

  1. Fee Rates for Checked Pets:

  2. 1. The weight of the pet, the weight of the checked pet carrier, and the weight of accompanying food are not included in the free checked baggage allowance and are subject to excess baggage fees.

  3. 2. For weight-based routes, the excess baggage fee is calculated as follows: Fee = charge =perkg ×total weight.

  4. Note: The charge per kg is calculated as ×1.5% of the one-way direct economy class fare. The total weight subject to charges includes the combined weight of the pet, pet carrier, and accompanying food.rounded to the nearest whole number.

  5. 3. For piece-based routes, excess baggage fee is calculated as follows:

  6. Total Weight

    Weight Limit




    Total weight of each container(including the weight of pet,water, and food within the container)

    2KG≤pet as checked baggage ≤8KG




    8KG<pet as checked baggage ≤23KG




    23KG<pet as checked baggage ≤32KG




  7. Remarks:

  8. The maximum transportable volume of the packaging shall not exceed 121 x 81 x 88 cm;

  9. If the total weight of each container (including the weight of small animals, water and food in the container) is more than 32KG, it is not allowed to be checked as baggage;

  10. Overseas non-RMB and USD sales units should convert RMB into local currency in accordance with the exchange rate of the day when charging baggage fees for small animal transportation.

  11. Declared Value:

  12. 1. Handling regulations for declared value of checked pets:

  13. (1) Prerequisite: Available to domestic flights of Hainan Airlines only.Passengers who choose to declare the value of their checked pets must provide supporting evidence, such as the purchase invoice, to demonstrate that the actual value of the pet exceeds RMB 100/kg.

  14. (2) Limit: The maximum limit that can be declared for a checked pet per passenger each time is RMB 8,000.

  15. (3) The declared value pertains solely to the checked pet itself and does not include the pet carrier.

  16. (4)Hainan Airlines reserves the right to refuse transportation if there are objections to the declared value and the passenger refuses an inspection.

  17. 2. Declared Value Surcharge:

  18. (1) Calculation method: Passengers who declare a value for their pets are required to pay a declared value surcharge. The surcharge is calculated as 5‰ of the value exceeding RMB 100/kg declared by the passenger.Calculation Formula: Declared value surcharge = (value per kg declared by the passenger - RMB 100/kg) ×weight of the pet as checked baggage with declared value ××5‰ . Example: If a passenger’s pet as checked carriage weighs 10kg and with a declared value. If the declared value is RMB 750/kg , the declared value surcharge would be: RMB (750-100) × 10 × 5‰= RMB 32.5.

  19. (2) The amount of declared value surcharge for the pet as checked baggage is charged in RMB, rounded to the nearest whole number.