Experience Hainan Airlines<br> Premium Economy Class

Hainan Airlines is a SKYTRAX 5-Star Airline, so when you fly Premium Economy you can expect the same standard seating as in Business Class on a narrow-body aircraft and a pleasant, private flying experience, not to mention a new and upgraded brand image. Premium Economy offers exclusive seating for improved comfort, additional staff to provide convenient priority service, priority in-flight services that cater to all your needs, a newly optimized in-flight entertainment system, and plenty more great surprises. Read on to find out more about Hainan Airlines Premium Economy Class.

Comfortable and spacious new seating

The exclusive Collins MiQ seats, combined with extra space between rows, offers passengers additional personal space to stretch, for a more comfortable flight. Premium Economy Class seating is also separated from Standard Economy, to give passengers a more private experience.

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Thoughtful in-flight service, five-star quality

Enjoy exclusive in-flight service and a greatly expanded range of refreshment options. Premium Economy Class passengers may use the Business Class lavatories, and have their own PA and lighting controls, separate from Economy Class.

Have a fun flight with the upgraded entertainment system

Equipped with the latest Panasonic EX3 entertainment system, including a 13-inch 1080P HD screen and an all-new custom branded interface that also lets you control the reading light.

*Please refer to the actual broadcast on board for relevant entertainment content.