Channels and Methods for Points Redemption

1 Redemption conditions

  1. A. Unless specified otherwise, Fortune Wings Club members can redeem points as long as their points reach the redemption threshold.

  2. B. The award tickets or award upgrades redeemed can only be used by designated valid redemption beneficiaries other than members themselves. Non-airline rewards redeem is not subject to this rule.

  3. C. When redeeming awards, Fortune Wings Club members must use a password that is not the initial default password, meaning it must be the password set by the members themselves. In order to speedily and efficiently carry out award redemption, please change your initial password online, call the hotline 950717, or present valid documents to confirm your identity in advance (an agent must present his/her valid document) at a Hainan Airlines ticket office in cities or at airports to change the default password for the account.

2 Redemption method

  1. A. Airline Rewards Redemption Method

    1. a. Redemption methods: call the hotline (86-898) 950717. Redemption should be completed 2 hours before departure if you are taking the domestic flights. Awarded tickets and class-upgrade should be redeemed 4 hours before departure if you are taking international flights with the prefix 'HU', 'CN', '8L', 'GS', 'JD', 'HX', "FU", "Y8" or "GX" that actually carried by Hainan Airlines, Grand China Air, Tianjin Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Lucky Air, Capital Airlines, Fuzhou Airlines, Suparna Airlines or Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines. Awarded tickets should be redeemed 24 hours before departure if you are taking flights with segments carried by other airlines.

    2. b. To redeem awarded tickets and class-upgrade, please go to the the local offices of the above airlines or the service center of Fortune Wings Club at airports and present your valid Fortune Wings cards and identification documents.

    3. c. Award tickets from Hainan Airlines and Grand China Air can also be redeemed on the Hainan Airlines global website (, the Hainan Airlines app, Hainan Airlines wechat official account and the website for mobile phone users (

    4. d. Please visit Hong Kong Airlines website, mobile site or download Hong Kong Airlines APP to redeem awarded tickets from Hong Kong Airlines.

    5. e. Members are also able to redeem for awards on Air Berlin and Etihad Airways. Please call the hotline (86-898) 950717 in order to apply 2 weeks in advance.

    6. f. Please apply 24 hours in advance through the Fortune Wings Club hotline (86-898)950717 (domestic), 312-374-3700 (US central time 8 a.m.-8 p.m.) or Hainan Airlines direct office.

  2. B. Redeeming Non-Airline Gifts (Mainland China Only)

    1. a. Please log on to inquire the gift items' information and then apply for the gift of your choice.

    2. b. Delivery of redeemed awards by mail is available only in Mainland China. The delivery method can be express or regular,as determined by the actual suppliers and products materials and subject to the website display.