Elite Membership

Introduction of Fortune Wings Club Elite Member

Fortune Wings Club Platinum Card, Gold Card and Silver Card are called “Elite Member Cards”. Members with Elite Member cards are referred as “Fortune Wings Club Elite Member". Members with regular cards who have reached 30,000 base points or 20 base segments in 12 consecutive months could be upgraded into Fortune Wings Club Silver Member. Those with 50,000 base points or 40 base segments could be upgraded into Gold Member; with 100,000 base points or 80 base segments could upgrade into Platinum Member. Fortune Wings Elite Members will enjoy exclusive discount and a series of high quality services!

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After you successfully enrol, Fortune Wings Club will send you a membership card. Please remember your membership card number. With this number you will be able to earn points and redeem rewards. Please let the staff know your Fortune Wings member number when purchasing plane tickets, boarding or shopping with Fortune Wings Club partners. To secure your account, please keep your password to yourself. Fortune Wings Club sincerely wishes you the best with us!