Safety Notice Regarding Air Travel for Infants and Children

Safety Notice Regarding Air Travel for Infants and Children

In order to create a safe and comfortable travel environment for your children and ensure their safety, please read the following instructions carefully before travelling:

1. When placing luggage or surrounding passengers arranging the luggage, please pay attention to the luggage rack above your head to avoid the luggage from slipping and falling, which may cause the falling objects to injure the children around you or the infants in arms (such as the objects falling out of the bags that are not closed, and the cups of water slipping out of the side compartments of the backpacks and school bags, etc.).

2. For your safety, the seat armrests must be flattened back to their original position during departure and descent. The flight attendants will check one by one before departure and descent. If you are holding your child at this time, please pick up the child and leave from the armrest area before lowering the armrests to avoid pinching the child's limbs when the armrests are lowered, which may cause accidental injury. In addition, the flight may encounter bumps and other unexpected situations. If your armrests are raised, they may fall down when encountering such situations, pinching or bumping your child. Therefore, please try to flatten the armrests as much as possible after you are seated, and if you find that the armrests have been pulled up, please flatten them back to their original position timely. When flattening the armrests, please pay attention to the child's hands and other limbs are not placed under the armrests, so as to avoid accidental injury. If the armrests cannot be fixed properly, please inform the flight attendants.

3. When using the restroom, please accompany your child to use the restroom to avoid your child accidentally operating the restroom door or closing the door without paying attention, which may result in him/her being locked in the restroom for a long time without being noticed, or pinching fingers or bodies by the door.

4. The hot meals we provide are baked at high temperatures. Their temperature is little hotter than that of an adult's mouth, which may still cause discomfort to infants and children, so please test them to ensure that they are suitable before serving them to the children around you or to the infants in your arms. At the same time, please avoid letting children or infants spill hot drinks or hot food and touch the teapot and coffee pot on the food trolleys; please do not place hot drinks and hot food within the reach of infants; please pay attention to the process of using tableware by children or infants to avoid being scratched by the tableware.

5. In the process of eating meals, please avoid letting children or infants eat food that is not easily dissolved, such as nuts. Because infants' esophagus is narrower, eat such food may easily lead to the obstruction of children's or infants' airway and esophagus, resulting in danger to their lives.

6. When children and infants use the seat belt, please put blankets under the seat belt of children or infants to avoid them from being reined by the seat belt during heavy bumps; when children lock the seat belt alone, please assist them to avoid their fingers or bodies from being pinched when locking the metal of the seat belt.

7. Due to the limited space on board and the influence of air currents, the aircraft may be bumpy at any time, which may easily cause injuries to children and infants. Therefore, please keep your child's seat belt tightly fastened throughout the entire flight, and avoid letting him/her walk or play alone in the cabin aisle, service room, or stand on the seat. In addition, please don't stand for a long time in the cabin holding an infant in your arms, and also not allow children to stand for a long time in the cabin. We will also enrich the children's products on board to create a better service experience for you.

8. If you are seated near the aisle, please do not place your infant's head toward the aisle to avoid being touched by others or food trolleys passing by.

9. Please hold the infant's head towards the inner side of your body, so as to avoid injury when the momentum is too much during landing.

10. If you need any other help, please inform the flight attendants.

Safety Precautions Regarding Travelling with Multiple Children

Dear passengers,

Welcome to travel on Hainan Airlines flight, we have prepared a special explanation of safety matters when travelling with children, to provide you and your children with an additional safeguard for the safety of the flight, please read carefully:

No. Flight Stage Precautions
1 Before Departure It is recommended that you finish the seat selection or check-in procedures in advance, and choose the seat adjacent to the accompanying children's at the same row;
2 Before boarding, please make sure that children do not bring scalding drinks on board;
3 before departure, please read the safety precautions carefully with your children;
4 Please be sure to teach your children in advance how to use the seat belt, and please fasten the seat belt throughout the flight.
5 Throughout the Flight Listen to the cabin announcement during bumps, do not get up to use the restroom or stand in the aisle;
6 Whenever possible, please accompany children to use the restroom. The restroom light will turn on by itself when the door lock is closed, so please remind children to prevent injury to their fingers when opening and closing the restroom door; Please be careful when placing seat armrests to prevent injuries;
7 Please do not allow children to walk back and forth in the cabin aisle or play around, chase food trolleys and have other behaviours, in order to prevent injuries caused by sudden bumps. If you need help, please contact the flight attendants timely;
8 Emergency Circumstances In emergency circumstances, please follow the instructions of flight attendants and evacuate the aircraft according to the indicated exits;
9 The oxygen mask will automatically fall off from the bulkhead plating above the seat while there is decompression, please make sure your children know how to use the oxygen mask before departure;
(1) For B787 model: After putting on the oxygen mask, please put the mask over the mouth and nose, then breathe normally.
(2) For other models: After putting on the oxygen mask, pull the mask downward, put the mask over the mouth and nose, then breathe normally.
10 (1) Take out the life jacket and put it on through the head, the red inflatable valve should be in the front;
(2) Buckle and fasten the straps from back to front, adjust the elastic of the straps so that the life jacket matches the waist; (when helping a child wear the life jacket, pass the straps between the child's legs, around the outside of one of the legs, around the waist and fasten the buckles in front; adjust the elastic of the straps, and fix the surplus around the child's waist)
(3) Before leaving the aircraft, pull the inflation valve to inflate the life jacket (do not inflate the life jacket in the cabin);
(4) If the life jacket cannot be inflated or is under-inflated, pull out the artificial inflation pipe on the top of the life jacket and blow air into it with your mouth.
(5) The operation for children to wear a life jacket is illustrated as follows: