Article 7 Passenger Services

Section 1 General Services


Article 80 Hainan Airlines shall adopt the ensuring of aircraft safety and flight regularity and providing good services as the criteria and conscientiously provide various services of air and ground passenger transportation with a friendly, courteous, warm, and considerate service attitude.

Article 81 Passengers shall be responsible for ground meal and accommodation expenses at connecting points of connecting flights. Passengers who meet the requirements of connecting accommodation can enjoy free connecting accommodation services.

Article 82 In the event of a sudden illness, childbirth, or distress during air transportation, Hainan Airlines shall actively take measures to provide assistance to the passenger.

Article 83 During the air flight, Hainan Airlines provides drinks or meals to passengers according to regulations.

 Section 2 Additional Service Arrangements


Article 84 If Hainan Airlines arranges for passenger services other than air transportation provided by a third party, or issue to a passenger a ticket or receipt of payment for ground transportation, hotel reservation, or vehicle rental provided by a third party (non-air) transportation or service, Hainan Airlines acts only as the passenger's agent in arranging such additional services, and is not responsible for the passenger's access to and quality of such services. The terms and conditions of the third party service provider apply to such services.

Article 85 If Hainan Airlines also provides ground transportation to passengers, these conditions shall not apply to such ground transportation.

Section 3 Services for Irregular Flights


Article 86 If a flight is delayed or cancelled at the place of origin due to Hainan Airlines such as maintenance, flight scheduling, crew, etc., Hainan Airlines will provide passengers with meals, accommodation, or other services as required.

Article 87 If a flight is delayed or cancelled at the place of origin due to reasons not on Hainan Airlines' part such as weather, air traffic control, other air user activities, public security, airports, joint inspection, fuel security, departure system, and passenger reasons, Hainan Airlines may assist passengers in providing meal information, accommodation information, and flight information enquiries, and the expenses incurred shall be borne by passengers themselves.

Article 88 If a flight is delayed or cancelled at a stopover or if a flight is diverted, regardless of the reason, Hainan Airlines will provide meals or accommodations to the stopover or diverted passengers as required.

Article 89 If a flight is delayed due to Hainan Airlines such as maintenance, flight scheduling, crew, etc., Hainan Airlines will provide compensation to passengers based on the actual situations of delay.Each passenger will receive 200 RMB for delays between four (included) and eight hours. The number goes up to 400 RMB if the delay exceeds eight hours (included). Passengers holding infant tickets will be compensated at 50% of the above standard. Hainan Airlines can provide compensation in the form of cash or equivalent proportion of Fortune Wings points, vouchers, and other means. If the above compensation standards are inconsistent with applicable local laws and regulations, they may be implemented in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Article 90 If a flight departs later than scheduled or is cancelled, Hainan Airlines, its sales agents, and ground service agents shall give priority to passengers in need of special care, such as restricted passengers, the elderly, pregnant women, and unaccompanied children.

Article 91 In the event of a flight delay or cancellation, Hainan Airlines and its ground service agents shall explain the delay or cancellation and inform the passengers of the delay or cancellation in a timely manner.

Article 92 Hainan Airlines and other support departments shall cooperate with each other and take responsibility to work together to ensure normal flights and avoid unnecessary flight delays.