Chapter 4 Check-in and Boarding

Section 1 General Provisions

Article 46 Check-in

1. Passengers shall present a valid ID that is consistent with that used for ticket purchase, to have their ticket and checked baggage and obtain a paper or electronic boarding pass, before Hainan Airlines or its ground service agent close check-in procedures.

2. Hainan Airlines and airports will publish and update deadlines for completing the check-in and boarding procedures. The deadlines for completing the check-in procedures varies with the airport. Hainan Airlines or its authorized agents will inform passengers of these deadlines. For code-share flights, passengers will be advised to handle check-in procedures at the counter of the actual carrier. Passengers shall leave enough time for the check-in procedures. Hainan Airlines may cancel the seat reserved for passengers if passengers fail to check in before the specified deadline for completing the check-in procedures.

3. Hainan Airlines and its ground service agents will open check-in counters on time to check tickets and handle check-in procedures rapidly and correctly.

4. For passenger's convenience, in addition to check-in counters and CUSS at the airport, passengers may also check in via Hainan Airlines official website, hotline, or other channels. Hainan Airlines will provide a seat to any passenger on its flight in accordance with ticket conditions and strive to meet passenger requirement for the same cabin class and seat. But Hainan Airlines do not guarantee the seat chosen by the passenger.

5. When passengers check in, Hainan Airlines or its ground service agents will display passenger name, flight number, boarding date, boarding time, boarding gate, itinerary, and other information correctly and clearly on passenger paper or electronic boarding voucher.

In case of any change in boarding gate, boarding time, and the like, Hainan Airlines, its ground service agents, and airport management authority shall have passengers timely notified and advise passengers to pay attention to relevant information, to ensure correct boarding.

6. Passenger check-in procedures may be refused if ticket has no seat reservation.

Article 47 Boarding

After check-in procedures and security screening, passengers must arrive at the boarding gate in time. Passengers shall be solely liable for losses and expenses thus incurred if passengers fail to arrive at the boarding gate before the closing of cabin doors.

Article 48

Prior to boarding, passengers and their baggage and free carry-on baggage must be subject to security screening.

Article 49

When passengers request involuntary change of ticket since passengers miss a flight, take a wrong flight, or miss a connecting flight, Hainan Airlines or its authorized agent, subject to seat availability or consent by the transferred carrier, will provide rebooking or change of flight as involuntary change; If passengers request a ticket refund, Hainan Airlines will handle it as involuntary refund, free of charge in both cases. If the above circumstances have occurred due to non-carrier reasons, ticket change and refund shall be handled in accordance with applicable general conditions of transportation and conditions for using the ticket.

Section 2 Refusal and Limitation of Transportation

Article 50 For the purpose of security, Hainan Airlines may refuse to passengers or transport their baggage for any of the following reasons:

1. Passengers or their baggage are prohibited by relevant national regulations;

2. Passengers refuse to go through a security check;

3. Passengers fail to pass the security check;

4. Passengers baggage that is not security screened;

5. Passengers present an Identity Document for check-in that is inconsistent with that used for ticket purchase;

6. Other circumstances specified by the State.

Article 51 In the reasonable exercise of its discretion, Hainan Airlines may refuse to transport passengers or their baggage if one or more of the following situations have occurred or may occur:

1. Passenger conduct that may endanger flight safety or public order;

2. Passenger age, mental, or physical state is not fit for air travel;

3. Passengers fail to comply with relevant national laws, regulations, government rules, and other norms, or fail to comply with the regulations of Hainan Airlines;

4. Passengers have not paid the applicable fare, fees or charges, and (or) honoured the credit payment to Hainan Airlines or relevant carriers;

5. Passengers have not presented a valid ID;

6. Passengers present a ticket that has been acquired unlawfully, has been purchased from an entity other than Hainan Airlines or its sales agents, or has been reported as being lost or stolen, or is a counterfeit, or a flight coupon which has been altered not by Hainan Airlines or its sales agents;

7. Passengers cannot prove they are the person named in the ticket;

8. Special passengers exceed the maximum number permitted for the flight;

9. Special passenger/special baggage application and the packing of checked baggage do not comply with the requirements of Hainan Airlines;

10. Passengers do not comply with the epidemic control policy at the place of departure or destination.

Article 52

In case of overbooking, Hainan Airlines have the right to arrange its passenger and baggage transportation.

Article 53

When passengers are refused transportation and request a written statement, unless otherwise specified by the State, Hainan Airlines will timely provide passengers a certificate of refusal in accordance with relevant provisions. Passengers may download this certificate from Hainan Airlines APP or its WeChat account; In case of overbooking, passengers may download a certificate of overbooking from Hainan Airlines APP or its WeChat account.

Article 54

If passengers are refused and request ticket change or refund, the following principles or conditions for using the ticket will apply:

1. In the circumstances specified in Article 50, Article 51, Paragraph 3 and 5, the ticket purchased may have a voluntary refund or be changed in accordance with the conditions for using the ticket.

2. If passengers are a special passenger in the circumstances specified in Article 51, Paragraph 2, 8, 9, and 10, passengers may have an involuntary refund.

3. In the circumstances specified in Article 51, Paragraph 4, passengers may make up the shortfall of the fare or taxes, or have an involuntary refund.

4. In the circumstances specified in Article 51, Paragraph 1, 6 and 7, the carrier reserves the right to retain ticket, and if necessary, report to relevant authorities.

5. When passengers are refused due to overbooking as specified in Article 52, passengers may have involuntary refund or change of ticket.

Article 55 Limitation of Transportation

1. For unaccompanied children, passengers on stretcher, incapacitated persons, pregnant women (32 weeks (included) to 36 weeks (not included)), those requiring breathing assister in the light, those with illness or other people requiring special assistance due to their age, physical, or mental state, and can be carried only under certain conditions, Hainan Airlines may transport them upon their satisfaction of its requirements and with its prior consent and necessary arrangement.

2. Limitation on the number of passengers: for the purpose of safety, Hainan Airlines will limit and control the number of passengers for every flight.

3. Hainan Airlines will transport passengers with disabilities in accordance with relevant civil aviation laws and regulations concerning air transportation of the disabled.

4. Hainan Airlines will transport passengers bringing donated organs with them in accordance with the Administrative Measures for Air Transportation of Donated Organs.

5. For standards on special passenger carriage and service, please check on the Hainan Airlines official website (