Dream Feather

Dream Feather

We have collaborated with the renowned design company Priestman Goode to launch a new brand visual image known as the "Dream Feather". The new "Dream Feather" has been applied to more than 200 areas including : In the cabin, amenities on the airplane, at our check in and booking counters, on our website and APP and with our logo to provide passengers a new visual experience from booking the tickets, to checking in at the airport and onboard the aircraft.

Elements of "Dream Feather"

The new image logo combines light and flowing lines. The Hainan Airlines logo is based on a mythical golden winged bird and its feathers, and represents our unwavering commitment to customer service and being an exceptional world-class airline.

"Dream Feather Colors"

Our original our brand logo colors were "Burgundy Red, Champagne Gold, Sliver Grey" but the colors of our new brand logo which is more visually aesthetic are “True Love Red, Golden Dreams, and International Gray.”

The "Dream" embodies the countless dreams of people, communities and nations and the "Feather" symbolizes the convergence of all the dreams. The dreams turn into feathers, and the feathers are gathered into wings and the wings take flight helping every dream achieve its goal.