Business Class Meals

Hainan Airlines is committed to providing our passengers with modern and healthy on-board cuisine. 

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Meals in Economy Class

Hainan Airlines offers Economy Class passengers healthy and delicious choices in meals and drinks.

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Special Meals

Hainan Airlines provides special meals to meet your personal needs. Whether you have religious, dietary, or allergy reasons, or simply because you are travelling with an infant, our special meals can be tailored to meet your needs.

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Award-Winning Wines

Each year, we invite a number of internationally renowned wine tasting consultants to participate in our wine tasting conference. They will taste a variety of red and white wines from across the world, aged and new, to select the good wines to serve you in the air.

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Exquisite Tableware

Hainan Airlines and Grand China Air have cooperated with many well-known brand companies to launch a variety of high-quality tableware in business class.

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Peanut Allergy Alerts

Hainan Airlines acknowledge that some passengers may have allergic reactions to peanuts or their by-products which can be quite serious.

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Chef Team

Hainan Airlines have collaborated with multiple internationally renowned chefs to present a must-have cloud based ecological cuisine.

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