Special Meals

  1. Notes on Meal Reservations

    1. Booking Time Limit: Please make reservations special meals on domestic, international, and regional (Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan) flights at least 24 hours prior to departure. For kosher meals, please make reservations at least 48 hours prior to departure to ensure sufficient preparation time.
  2. 2. The infant meal is a special meal that must be reserved in advance. It will not be provided on board without a prior reservation. Please make reservations based on your travel needs.
  3. 3. Due to limited production capacity of the local catering companies, we kindly request that you contact Hainan Airlines’ 24-hour booking service hotline at 95339 in advance to confirm the availability of your desired meal type. We apologize in advance if we are unable to accommodate your request and sincerely appreciate your understanding.

Special meal reservation:

  1. 1. Book your special meal on Hainan Airlines website.
  2. 2. Call Hainan Airlines 24-hour booking service hotline +86-898-95339 to book special meals within the specified time.
  3. 3. Book special meals in the "food reservation" section of Hainan Airlines official App.
  4. 4. We should pay attention to the official account of Hainan Airlines WeChat, enter the "special service" - "service area", and make a special meal reservation in the "meal reservation" section.
  5. 5. Book special meals at the ticket office of Hainan Airlines.

Friendly Reminder :

1. Please note that Kosher meals are only available on specific routes and Passover-specific kosher meals cannot be provided during Passover.

2. To request kosher or diet meals, please contact Hainan Airlines’ 24-hour booking hotline at 95339 or make a reservation at a Hainan Airlines ticketing office.

3. We offer special meal reservations as a value-added service for your travel convenience. Please note that in the event of special circumstances such as flight changes, we may not be able to guarantee the provision of your requested.

  1. 1.Hindu meal (HNML, non-vegetarian): Out of respect for India's culinary customs and religious beliefs, these meals are prepared using lamb, poultry, fish, dairy products, spices including curry. They do not contain beef, veal, pork, raw fish, or smoked fish. 

  2. 2. Kosher meal (KSML): These meals are sourced, cooked, and served according to Jewish religious laws; ingredients on the flight have been professionally certified.

  3. 3. Muslim meal (MOML): Muslim meal (MOML): food with Muslim food production qualification certification and made according to Muslim religious law and eating habits.

  4. 4. Jain vegetarian meal (VJML): a meal for Jain tourists. In addition to not using meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and other animal derived food, also do not use root vegetables.

  1. 1. AVML Vegetarian Hindu Meal. A non-strict vegetarian meal is prepared in an Indian style and is usually very spicy. This meal may include dairy products, but no meat, seafood, or egg.

  2. 2.RVML Raw Vegetarian Meal: This meal is comprised of raw fruits and vegetables along with puréed fresh fruits and/or vegetables.

  3. 3.VGML This is a strict vegetarian meal cooked western style, and does not contain meat, seafood, eggs, or dairy products.

  4. 4. VLML Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo Meal: This is a vegetarian meal, but may contain dairy products and eggs.

  5. 5.VOML Vegetarian Oriental Meal: This is a vegetarian meal prepared in the Chinese style, It contains no meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, or dairy products, ginger, garlic, onion, spring onions, etc.

  1. 1. BLML Bland Meal This is a meal designed for passengers who have digestive issues and require less spices and no foods and beverages that might cause digestive upset.

  2. 2. DBML Diabetic Meal: This meal is high in complex carbohydrates and fiber, but with low salt and fat and no sugar.

  3. 3. GFML Gluten Free Meal: This meal contains no wheat, rye, barley, oats or any flour-based products derived from these grains.

  4. Tips: While we make every effort to prevent the mixture of gluten in the meal, we cannot guarantee that it will not be present during the production process.

  5. 4. LCML Low Calorie Meal: This meal contains no fat, sauces, gravies or fried foods.The use of sugar-rich items is also restricted.

  6. 5. LSML Low Salt Meal: Meals contain no natural salt or processed foods (i.e. baking powder or soda, monosodium glutamate); no salt added in process of making.

  7. 6. LFML Low Fat Meal: This meal contains no animal fats, but allows multiple unsaturated fatty acids. It does not contain high-fat sauces, egg yolks, organ meats, poultry skin, seafood, fish roe, caviar or fried food.It contains no butter, cream or .full fat cheese, but may contain lean meat, vegetable oil or olive oil.

  8. 7. NLML Non Lactose Meal: Meals contain no lactose or, dairy products. For example: milk, milk solids, dry cheese, margarine, cheese, cream, butter and man-made cream.

  9. 8. SPML Special Meal: Special meals to accommodate specific medical needs. Medical meals are provided without specific components of the meal to avoid.

  1. 1. Baby meal (BBML) : for children under two years of age, with puréed fruits, vegetables, and meats, as well as desserts, etc.

  2. 2. Child meal (CHML) : for children between 2-5 years old, prepared with healthy ingredients that are soft and easy to chew or identify

  1. 1. FPML: Meals with fresh fruits, depending on supply and season.

  2. 2. SFML: seafood meal only adopts fish and seafood as the raw ingredient.