Meals in Business Class

Hainan Airlines

Business Class Catering on Long-haul Flights

We provide passengers with at least two meal services on long haul flights longer than 8 hours, served with the award-winning and elegant bone china and fine cutlery, giving you a luxurious dining experience, with colourful and tempting-smelling dishes.

We have prepared a variety of meals for you to select from, including appetizers, salads, main courses, deserts, cheeses of various kinds and fruits. When it comes to main courses, you will be able to taste not only authentic Chinese cuisine, but there are also exquisite Western dishes. Hainan Airlines is one of the few airlines that offer four main course options.

As for catering services in the air, you can feel completely at ease. Choose the food you like and enjoy service just like the top restaurants on the ground. Table setting services are provided, with each dish introduced to you one by one.

If you wish a faster meal service to spare time for rest, we can also provide quicker options for your convenience.

On board, we have different kinds of snacks available at the center bar.

Note: There will be some differences for some items on this website owing to different aircraft types and flight routings.

Business Class Catering on Short-haul Flights

Business class breakfast for more than 100 minutes on Haikou departure routes

Hainan Airlines business class short-route catering is more in line with the catering habits of the majority of Chinese passengers, highlighting the light catering mode, regional characteristics, healthy cooking and considerate service.

Business class dinner for more than 100 minutes on Haikou departure routes

Lunch and dinner are mainly three dishes and one soup, cooked with selected fresh ingredients and balanced nutrition. Breakfast service highlights the concept of "clear Congee and side dishes". You can choose warm white porridge or mixed grain Congee to match with fresh egg dishes, vegetables, crispy deep-fried dough sticks, seasonal fruits, etc. to meet the catering habits of the public.

On the route of Beijing=Haikou/Sanya/Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Shanghai, there are also western main dishes, such as fried bass, grilled steak, etc.

Note: Due to the different routes of different models, the products will have some differences.