Name:Monster Match


Match monster-inspired mahjong tiles to complete levels. Hurry, before the time runs out!

Name:4x4 JAM


4x4 JAM HD is the most unique all-terrain Off-Road Racing extravaganza you've ever seen. Dash through the river, jump over your opponents, roll down a steep hill - there are no limits and no boundaries in 4x4 JAM HD!

Name:Muse Runner


Electric sound runner! Shock you in every click! You are the keyboardist! Evolution of the traditional music game, every note will make a sound independently. Press the button and enjoy the beautiful rhythm!

Name:Rotating Castle


Guide your character through a turning world. Think tactically and use the laws of gravity in your advantage. Search for the key in each level and enter the next level through the magic door.

Name:Postman Rush


Avoid the animals and rocks on the way to deliver the package safely. Pick up coins and power ups on the way!

Name:Millionaire Quiz


How good is your trivia knowledge? Put your skills to test against the ultimate game show, Millionaire Quiz! Answer trivia questions ranging from Science, Technology, Sports,Music and Health.



Landlord (Dou Di Zhu), is a card game based on its real-world counterpart that is one of the most popular card games in China. Easy to learn and start!


Category:Strategy game

A good strategy as well as being skilled at calculating and recalling is required to beat your opponents in this classic Chinese game.



Learn how to fix up the damaged teeth of your patients, using a variety of tools to bring back a beautiful smile on their faces.