Customer Commitment

Hainan Airlines is committed to making your travel experience with us as safe, comfortable and hassle-free as possible to the best of our abilities. To that end, we have developed the following key points.

1. Offering the lowest available fare

  1. We offer on our website or via our U.S. call centers or ticket counters the lowest published fare available for your preferred date, flight, and class. It's our duty to provide you with more affordable price, so that you can be more flexible with your travel schedule.

  2. 2. Notifying customers of known delays, cancellations, and diversions
    We will do our best to get you safely to your destination as scheduled. There may be times when weather conditions, air traffic congestion, or service reasons may lead to flight delays, cancellations or diversions. Should this occur, we will notify you of any cancellation, delay of more than thirty (30) minutes, or diversion based on the latest, accurate information about flight conditions available to us. Within 30 minutes of becoming aware of the condition, we will provide you with information about the delay, cancellation or diversion through the following methods:
    Displaying real-time flight status provided by the call center on the Flight Status page of our website and via airport Flight Info Screens: 1-888-688-8813 (English), 1-888-688-8876 (Chinese).
    Providing updates on the status of delayed, cancelled or diverted flights through announcements by our airport agents and flight crews;
    contacting you about cancellations when the event is known at least two (2) hours before departure, provided you have supplied us with accurate contact information in your reservation

  3. 3. Allowing reservations to be cancelled within 24 hours
    We allow the passenger to cancel his/her reservation without penalty for 24 hours, so long as he/she makes the reservation on this website at least one week prior to the flight departure, and the ticket must includes transportation from/to the U.S. if you have any questions regarding the policy, please call our customer service hotline: +86-898-95339 (24 hours).

  4. 4. Delivering baggage on time
    We will do our best to ensure that your baggage is on the the same flight you're flying on. In the unlikely event that you are unable to locate your checked baggage at your destination airport, please inform the Hainan Airlines passenger service agent and complete a baggage tracing form before leaving the airport. We will endeavour to locate and return your baggage within twenty-four (24) hours. In accordance with our Contracts of Carriage, you are entitled to claim compensation for delayed or lost baggage and Hainan Airlines will be liable for your losses arising from the lost or delay of baggage;

  5. 5. Providing prompt ticket refunds
    We will provide prompt refunds for eligible tickets and optional services once we receive your request accompanied by any required documentation. If you used a credit card to make your purchase we will process and forward the request for refund to your bank payment provider within seven (7) business days. For purchases made with cash or check, we will issue your refund within twenty (20) business days of receipt of your completed request for a refund;

  6. 6. Properly accommodating passengers with disabilities and/or other special needs, including during tarmac delays
    Accommodating the special needs of passengers with special needs and/or disabilities is a top priority for Hainan Airlines. A number of special services are available for such passengers, including:
    Boarding assistance
    Information on careful attention to passengers with special needs and extra care to meet the special needs of passengers with disabilities during extended tarmac delays can be found in our Contracts of Carriage.

  7. 7. Meeting customers' essential needs during lengthy tarmac delays
    We have developed a Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan to ensure that our passengers' essential needs, such as food, potable water, basic medial services and lavatory access, are met during lengthy tarmac delays.

  8. 8. Handling passengers with fairness and equality in the case of over-sales
    We provide information to you about our policies and procedures for handling situations when all ticketed customers cannot be accommodated on a flight.
    In the event of an oversold flight, Hainan personnel will first solicit volunteers who agree to accept compensation or alternate flight arrangements in accordance with the airline policies.
    In the event there are no volunteers, we will, with sincere apology, deny boarding to some passengers and provide compensation for them according to Hainan Airlines and U.S. Department of Transportation involuntary boarding regulations.

  9. 9. Disclosing cancellation policies, frequent flyer rules, aircraft seating configurations and lavatory availability on our website.
    On our website, we provide information about various Hainan Airlines service policies that may be important for you. These include policies pertaining to the following:
    Cancellation Policies
    Frequent Flyer Rules
    Seating and Lavatory Configuration
    These policies are also available on request through our call center and our representatives at the airport.

  10. 10. Notifying customers in a timely manner of changes in their travel itineraries.
    We will notify ticketed passengers promptly of any changes to their travel itineraries, provided accurate contact information is provided in their reservation record.

  11. 11. Ensuring responsiveness to customer complaints
    We will acknowledge receipt of written customer complaints within thirty (30) days of receiving them and will send a substantive response within sixty (60) days of receiving the complaint. Information about how to file a complaint is available on the Contact Us page on our website or via our call centres;

  12. 12. Using our best endeavors to provide services for passengers to mitigate inconveniences resulting from cancellations and wrong connections.
    In order to mitigate inconveniences to you resulting from cancellations and wrong connections, we will:
    Use our best endeavors to contact you via contact information provided in your reservation and notify you of the cancellations at least two hours before departure.
    Use our best endeavors to accommodate you when you are waiting for the next available flight or, offer alternative transportation.
    Provide you with meals and accommodations, based on availability, if you are unable to go home or arrive at your destination due to a delay, missed connection, or cancellation within Hainan Airlines' control.

Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan

For Flights To, From or Within the U.S. Only

Hainan Airlines is committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of our passengers, crew and aircraft. In furtherance of our commitment, we have designed Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan, dedicated sufficient resources to implementing this plan, and coordinated with local airport authorities, U.S. Customs, and Border Protection and the Transportation Security Administration at each airport we serve, including our diversion airports, to minimize lengthy delays while passengers are onboard.

While we do our best to prevent lengthy onboard delays, circumstances occasionally make such delays unavoidable. In the event that a lengthy onboard delay occurs, we will take steps to ensure that:

  1. 1. No aircraft will remain on the tarmac at a U.S. airport for more than four (4) hours before allowing passengers to get off the plane, unless safety or security concerns are present;

  2. 2. Passengers will be provided with plenty of food and water within two (2) hours after the aircraft leaves the gate (for departures) or touches-down (for arrivals), unless safety or security concerns are present;

  3. 3. Appropriate consideration of medical needs during stays on the tarmac;

  4. 4. Passengers will receive delay status notifications, including the reasons for the delay (if known), every thirty (30) minutes;

  5. 5. For any aircraft that remains at the gate with its doors open after boarding, passengers will be provided delay status notifications and an opportunity to get off the plane every thirty (30) minutes, beginning thirty (30) minutes after the last announced departure time.