Rules for Beneficiary of Airline Reward Redeeming

  1. 1. Starting from February 8, 2012 (inclusive), when members redeem award tickets and award upgrades, apart from use by that person, they can only be used by a valid beneficiary designated by the member. Members that redeem award products who are not related with the aviation industry do not have this restriction.


  2. 2. Each member can set 10 beneficiaries at the most. A company or legal entity may not act as a beneficiary.


  3. 3. A newly added/altered beneficiary list will come into effect 30 days after the successful submission of the application.


  4. 4. Deletion of a beneficiary will have immediate effect.


  5. 5. As beneficiaries, children and infants need accompanying adults. Redeem standards and other regulations for them are the same as for adults.


  6. 6. Members can conduct establishment, addition and deletion of beneficiary information through the official Hainan Airlines website, Fortune Wings Club website, member service hotline (86-898) 950717, ticket offices directly subordinate to each member company of Hainan Airlines, overseas offices of Hainan Airlines or frequent flyer service areas at airports.


  7. 7. No points shall be deducted for adding new or deleting beneficiaries.


    1. 8. Requirements for handling beneficiary services at ticket offices directly subordinate to all members of Hainan Airlines, overseas Hainan Airlines offices or frequent flyer service areas at the airports:

    2. 1) When normal members set up or add beneficiaries, they need to bring the member’s valid documents and a photocopy or scan of the beneficiary’s valid flight documents.

    3. 2) To alter/add a beneficiary document number, it is necessary for the member to bring a copy or scan of the member’s valid original documents, the original documents of the beneficiary and the newly added documents.

    4. 3) When beneficiaries redeem award tickets or award upgrades, they need to provide their member Fortune Wings card number and password as well as valid identification documents of the member and beneficiary.

    5. 4) If the above services are carried out by an agent, the agent needs to bring to the passenger an original valid identification documents.