Chapter 8 Conduct Aboard Aircraft

Article 93 Behaviors like occupying seats by force, verbally abusing or physically assaulting others, obstructing the normal duties of the crew, taking control of the aircraft and damaging onboard facilities and equipment that disrupt public order, endanger public safety, and constitute violations of public security management will be punished by the public security authorities according to the law. In case of severe circumstances, criminal liability may be pursued. Please comply with regulations, uphold the law, and maintain a proper behavior while traveling.

Article 94 Passengers are not permitted to turn on and use portable electronic devices that actively transmit radio signals on board the aircraft and are not related to normal aircraft flight without the permission of Hainan Airlines. These devices include: mobile phones that cannot turn off the signal transmission function through the flight mode, portable televisions, radio receivers, radio transmitters, toys with wireless remote controls and other electronic devices with remote controls, portable chargers and power banks, and other electronic devices that can interfere with aircraft systems. PED devices that can be used throughout the flight include: small PEDs that can be grasped with one hand with the sum of the dimensions of length, with width and height of 31cm or less (with "stop transmission" or "flight mode" selected and with mobile data transmission, WI-FI function switched off), such as mobile phones, e-books, tablet PCs, MP3s/MP4s, video game consoles, smart watches, etc.; Electronic devices for medical aids, such as hearing aids, pacemakers, etc.; And portable electronic devices that do not have a radio transmission function, such as electric shavers, small electric toys without wireless remote controls, portable walkmans, cameras, etc. PEDs that can only be used at cruising altitude include: laptops, some models of laptops, tablets, and other devices that are equipped with on-board WIFI (including in-flight LAN and air-to-ground WIFI) and can be connected to the on-board WIFI during the level-off phase by enabling the WIFI function.

Article 95 All flights of Hainan Airlines are non-smoking, and smoking is prohibited in all areas of the aircraft.

Article 96 Except for the alcoholic beverages provided by Hainan Airlines, no other alcoholic beverages are allowed on board the aircraft.

Article 97 After taking their seats, passengers are required to fasten their safety belts.