Hainan Airlines' domestic lounge is located on the 4th floor of the west side of T2 terminal of Haikou Meilan International Airport. Covering a total area of 1,283 square meters, with HNA Club and Fortune Wings Lounge.

HNA Club--Business Class, Fortune Wings Platinum Card Lounge

Design Concept

The overall design takes the arc technique of Dream Feather as the basic element and extension of the modeling, and integrates Hainan's unique regional characteristics and landscape. Island elements and Nanyang style design run through the entire space.

Functional Areas

Including a leisure area, VIP box, dining area, reading area, audiovisual area, water Bar Area, privacy Area, children's activity area and nursing room, massage area and etc.


Coconut Pudding
Marinated Hainan Rice Noodles
Sam Boleung
Sweet Potato Milk
Bao-luo Rice Noodles
Coconut Pancake Rolls

Fortune Wings Lounges——Fortune Wings Elite Member Gold/Silver Card

Lounges for Fortune Wings Elite Member

The lounge includes audiovisual entertainment, leisure, business and dining areas.

Personalized service:
The new upgrade of furniture and equipment has provided high-end passengers with sufficient independent, private, comfortable and relaxing rest space.
Opening Hours:
90 minutes before the departure of the first flight of the day to the end of the last departure flight.