Chapter 12 Entry into Force and Modification

Article 116 The Conditions are available in both Chinese and English versions. In the event of semantic conflict, the Chinese version shall prevail.

Article 117 The Conditions are now in force and have been made public on the official website of Hainan Airlines since October 26, 2023. The General Conditions of International Passenger and Baggage Transportation of Hainan Airlines Holding Co., Ltd. published by Hainan Airlines on August 18, 2023 is repealed at the same time. Tickets purchased prior to October 26, 2023 are subject to the General Conditions of transportation applicable at the time when the tickets are purchased.

Article 118 Hainan Airlines is entitled to modify its transportation conditions, transportation regulations, fares, and charges without prior notice in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. However, such modifications do not apply to the transportation that has already started or the tickets that have been purchased before such modifications are made. No staff members, sales agents, or employees of Hainan Airlines are entitled to modify or violate the transportation conditions, transportation regulations, fares, and charges that apply to Hainan Airlines.