Self-Service Check-in at the Airport

Self-Service Check-in Kiosks and their Functions

Number of Kiosks

  1. a.Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 2 has 12 Self-Service Kiosks
  2. b.Haikou Meilan Airport has 6 Self-Service Kiosks
  3. c.Shanghai Pudong International Airport has 4 Self-Service Kiosks


  1. a. Seat selection
  2. b. Printing itineraries(Available at select airports)
  3. c. Printing online check-in boarding pass

Self-Service Kiosk Instructions

(1) Click the "Enter" button on the home screen. Read the security prompt and click confirm to go to the next step.
(2) The Kiosk is able to scan second generation Chinese ID cards and passports.After your identification information has been entered/scanned, the screen will display your flight information.
(3) After clicking "Confirm", you can select your seat. After selecting your preferred seat(s) and then press "Next" to print out your boarding pass.
Note: The process may change due to system upgrades, if necessary please ask our staff at the airport for assistance.