Peanut Allergy Alerts


Peanut Allergy Alerts

Hainan Airlines acknowledge that some passengers may have allergic reactions to peanuts or their by-products which can be quite serious. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee against cross-contamination of peanut products within the network flight kitchens during catering production, as peanut-based ingredients, peanut oil and non-specified peanut/nut containing trace element are widely used.

Passengers who require an allergen-free meal are recommended to bring their own meal. However, because of limited aircraft facilities, we are not able to reheat or chill meals that bring with passengers in case the container should become contaminated with other food in the aircraft refrigerator. For more information about bringing meals on board, please contact the Hainan Airlines Contact Centre.

Hainan Airlines also realise that some passengers have allergies so severe, they can react to the presence of tiny quantities of food in the air. However, other passengers may bring their own food onboard or to the VIP lounges which could contain peanuts, so residual peanut products may be left in common areas. Due to the above-mentioned limitations, it is with regret that we are unable to guarantee a peanut-free cabin or VIP lounge environment.

Therefore, Hainan Airlines strongly recommend passengers with peanut allergies or other allergies to specific food ingredients to consider the possibility of exposure during a flight and to check with their physicians to see whether they are fit to fly given the situations explained above. It is also essential for passengers with peanut allergies to contact Hainan Airlines Contact Centre and submit a completed medical form from a physician at least 72 hours before departure. If passengers are required to carry necessary medical treatment materials onboard, a certificate from a physician must be available upon check-in. Please also ensure that all medications are labeled with the passenger’s name and the medication name clearly identified. Passengers are advised to travel with escorts who are able to assist them with the treatment against the allergic reaction if occurred. Regretfully, Hainan Airlines do not accept responsibilities of allergic reaction of any extent.


If you have clear information about allergen meals, please call Hainan Airlines 24-hour booking service hotline +86-898-95339 in advance or confirm your non allergen meal when purchasing tickets at the ticket office directly under Hainan Airlines, so as to ensure that we have enough time to prepare for you.

Passengers on the same flight may bring peanuts, nuts or related derivatives to board or enter the VIP lounge, while nuts and nut derivatives may remain in the public environment of the cabin. We can not guarantee that we can provide a cabin free of any allergens, nor can we exclude other allergens in food. Hainan Airlines will not have any allergic reactions that may occur when you take our flights Please understand that the law is responsible.

If your allergy symptoms are very serious and will react to trace food in the air, we suggest that you discuss your travel plan with your doctor before you board our flight, and bring your own medicine to treat your allergy.