Award-Winning Wines

Every year, we invite many respected international wine consultants to attend wine sampling conferences to sample all types of vintage and new, red and white wines from all parts of the world and then choose great wines for you to taste in the comfort of flight.

The award winning drinks menu includes special Champagne Leventre-Dedieu Grand Cru Brut, as well as the specially selected red wines Capa Tempranillo and Chateau Le Moulin De La Jaumarde, which are all specially prepared to complement your meal. Professionally trained stewards will serve you, and you can experience the charm of the best wines in an elegant atmosphere.

Hainan Airlines and Grand China Air wine sampling team will constantly strive to find you more and better wines for you to try in the future.

Champagne Leventre-Dedieu Grand Cru Brut

In 2015, Global Traveler held a competition of on-board alcohol in the US for airlines across the world. Champagne Leventre-Dedieu Grand Cru Brut came out first after being tasted by 16 internationally renowned wine tasters.

Chateau Le Moulin De La Jaumarde

Chateau Le Moulin De La Jaumarde won "silver prize" at the International Wine Tasting Festival 2015 in Lyon, France.