Through Check-in

To meet your travel needs, Hainan Airlines is constantly upgrading and improving the through-check-in service. There is no need to pick up luggage when transiting on multiple routes to bring you more a comfortable travel life. If you take the following Hainan Airlines-operated flights, you can enjoy the through-check-in service:
  • Transit via Beijing

    01 Designated flights departing from Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Shanghai Hongqiao, transit to Moscow via Beijing Capital.

    02 Designated flights departing from Moscow, transit to Sanya/Haikou/Changsha/Hangzhou/Shenzhen via Beijing Capital.

    03 Designated flights departing from Guangzhou/Haikou/Chengdu Tianfu/Shenzhen,transit to Berlin via Beijing Capital.

    04 Designated flights departing from Berlin,transit to Sanya/Urumqi/Chengdu Tianfu/Shenzhen/Haikou/Hangzhou/Xi’an via Beijing Capital.

    05 Designated flights departing from Changsha/Shanghai Hongqiao/Guangzhou/Shenzhen,transit to Osaka via Beijing Capital.

    06 Designated flights departing from Tokyo,transit to Xi'an/Shanghai Hongqiao/Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Haikou/Changsha via Beijing Capital.

  • Transit via Haikou

    01 Designated flights departing from Shanghai Hongqiao/Taiyuan to Hong Kong via Haikou.

    02Designated flights departing from Beijing Capital/Chengdu Tianfu/Kunming/Shanghai Hongqiao/Taiyuan/Changsha/Zhuhai to Sydney via Haikou.

    03Designated flights departing from Sydney to Jieyang/Hefei/Qianjiang/Anshan/Ningbo/Yingkou/Xining/Anqing/Beijing Capital/Chengdu Tianfu/Dalian/Fuzhou/Guangzhou/Guiyang/Harbin/Hangzhou/Hengyang/Hohhot/Jinan/Jingzhou/Jiujiang/Kunming/Lanzhou/Nanchang/Nanjing/Nanning/Ningbo/Qingdao/Xiamen/Shanghai Hongqiao/Shanghai Pudong/Shaoguan/Shenzhen/Shenyang/Taiyuan/Urumqi/Wuhan/Xi'an/Yinchuan/Zhanjiang/Changchun/Changsha/Zhengzhou/Chongqing/Zhuhai/Shaoyang/Wenzhou via Haikou.

  • Transit via Changsha

    01Designated flights departing from Beijing Capital/Haikou/Xiamen to London via Changsha.

    02Designated flights departing from London to Beijing Capital via Changsha.

  • Transit via Shenzhen

    01Designated flights departing from Beijing Capital/Haikou/Chengdu Tianfu/Kunming, transit to Paris via Shenzhen.

    02Designated flights departing from Haikou/Chengdu Tianfu/Kunming, transit to Vancouver via Shenzhen.

    03Designated flights departing from Haikou/Chengdu Tianfu/Taiyuan/Kunming/Wenzhou, transit to Rome via Shenzhen.

    04Designated flights departing from Haikou/Chengdu Tianfu/Taiyuan/Kunming, transit to Brussels via Shenzhen.

    05Designated flights departing from Haikou/Chengdu Tianfu/Kunming, transit to Auckland via Shenzhen.

  • Transit via Xi'an

    01Designated flights departing from Beijing Capital/Haikou, transit to Tokyo via Xi'an.

    02Designated flights departing from Tokyo, transit to BeijingCapital/Guangzhou via Xi'an.

  • Transit via Chongqing

    01Designated flights departing from Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Haikou/Xiamen, transit to Madrid/Rome via Chongqing.

    02Designated flights departing from Madrid/Rome, transit to Hangzhou/Beijing Capital/Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Haikou/Sanya/Xiamen/Wenzhou/Fuzhou/Nanjing via Chongqing.

    03Designated flights departing from Guangzhou/Xiamen/Haikou, transit to Paris via Chongqing.

    04Designated flights departing from Paris, transit to Shenzhen/Beijing Capital/Nanjing/Sanya/Wenzhou/Fuzhou/Xiamen/Haikou/Hangzhou/Changsha via Chongqing.

Warm Tips

Please click here to view the List of connecting fights of Hainan Airlines international flights with through-check-in (winter and spring). To ensure international flights with through-check-in, Customs approval is required. Some airlines may normally operate over the course of a day, hence it is recommended to double-check your connecting flight number and plan your trip in advance.


You need to hold a connecting flight ticket without overnight transfer. Overnight transit means arriving at the transfer station between 00:00 and 04:30 on the same day and connecting to a flight with departure time after 04:30 on the same day.


Please do not place items prohibited by Chinese customs in your checked baggage, including soil, vegetables and fruits, flowers and seedlings, grain and seeds, meat and meat products, aquatic products, eggs and milk and other products, bird's nest, animal specimens and hides and bone horns, etc. If you have items to declare, please try to put them in your hand luggage. With regard to the provisions of the Chinese Customs on articles prohibited and allowed to enter but need to be declared.Pleaseclick here to view. If the customs require you to be present at the inspection site, the on-line service may be interrupted with a risk of missing the onward flight.


Please do not place items prohibited by the Chinese civil aviation security regulations in your checked baggage, including lighters, matches, lithium batteries, rechargeable batteries, double-flyer potions, imitation bullet products, control knives, and various dangerous goods. With regard to the list of prohibited consignments under Chinese civil aviation regulations.Pleaseclick here to view 。If security requires you to be present at the inspection site, you may be subject to interruption of through-trip service and risk missing your onward flight.


When checking in your baggage, please read the "Passenger Check-In Baggage Waiver Form" presented by the check-in agent and fill in your name, passport number, and cell phone number in print type. We recommend that you keep your cell phone on for contact during your transit.


It is recommended that you use disposable luggage locking device to lock your luggage. If you lock your luggage with your lock, Hainan Airlines may break the locking device to cooperate with the inspection when your luggage is checked by customs or security check while you cannot be contacted in time.


In the event of flight delays, insufficient transit time due to temporary adjustments, equipment failure, etc., the through-check-in service may be temporarily interrupted. Please pick up your luggage and re-check-in for your flight and check-in procedures according to the airport staff's instructions.


We are currently unable to provide through-check-in service for some special passengers.