Hai Gifts

Peripheral products that contain our brand characteristics and aviation elements, have been developed for global travelers. We offer a wide range of products, including aircraft models, daily necessities, clothing and customized items.

* Certain products are available on board our flights.

We treasure and collect all dreams and hopes

- Hainan Airlines logo 16cm aircraft model (B787-8/9)
- Hainan Airlines painted 42cm aircraft model "Hainan Free Trade Port" (B787-9)

We spread the beauty of flying in all directions

- Customized version of the fourth/fifth generation set of Hainan Airlines Kerr Doll

We fly with confidence and courage

- Hainan Airlines customized mortise and tenon building blocks aerospace kit
- Haitian Xiangyun custom blanket

We appreciate every little ignited dream

A flying dream maker that is within your reach
- Multifunctional Notebook with Page Change - Royal Blue/Tiffany Blue