Transit Accommodation Service

If you cannot find any non-stop flights to your intended destination, allow us to help you. We offer the shortest connections at the best prices available. Hainan Airlines has an extensive transit connection network, covering all major and medium-sized cities as well as tourist cities in China. With Hainan Airlines, you can easily transit to over 200 cities worldwide, including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America, and Southeast Asia.

Details of the Service:

    Domestic Transfers

    Scope of Application

    Passengers on Hainan Airlines flights with connecting flights operated by Hainan Airlines / Grand China Air / Tianjin Airlines / Lucky Air / Capital Airlines / West Air / Urumqi Air / Fuzhou Airlines / GX Airlines / Air Chang'an / Air Guilin / Suparna Airlines and transferring in Zhengzhou, Hohhot, Chongqing or Urumqi who meet the overnight accommodation criteria are eligible for free accommodation services.

    Accommodation Criteria

    Passengers transferring through the above airports who have next-day connections to domestic flights, and passengers who arrive at the airport between midnight and 06:00 the next day and have a connection time of more than six hours (inclusive) will be provided with free accommodation. Meals and other miscellaneous charges shall be at the passengers' expense.

    transfer process

    Arrive at the airport - according to the transfer signs or staff guidance - go to the arrival hall to collect Luggage - check in - go to the hotel

    accommodation services

    The transfer stations in Urumqi, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Hohhot and Xi'an provide free accommodation and vehicle pick-up services for the next day's transfer, and for those who transfer from China to China for more than 6 hours (including) on the same day of transfer from 00:00 to 06:00. The meals and other miscellaneous expenses shall be borne by the passengers themselves. In principle, the overnight transit time of all airports shall not exceed 24 hours.


    (1) For those who need free accommodation, airlines, travel agencies and air ticket agents must log in to Jiangbei Airport Transfer Service online booking system before 18:00 on the day before check-in( )Free accommodation service booking, and after Jiangbei Airport approval, can enjoy free accommodation service. Jiangbei Airport will not provide free accommodation service for passengers who have not made online booking in advance (reservation hotline: T3: 023-88869313023-67153699; t2:023-88869229). After the order is approved, you can enjoy free overnight transfer accommodation. (at present, there is no accommodation for cross air transit in China)

    (2) For the individual passengers who transfer overnight by calling or at the airport, they need to book the accommodation service 12 hours before the departure of the first flight. The reservation telephone number is 0471-4942700 and 4942788. The range of passengers who can enjoy the transfer accommodation service is: overnight transfer and the transfer time is within 24 hours.

    (3) For the individual passengers who transfer accommodation through Zhengzhou airport, they need to book accommodation service by telephone before 17:00 of the day before the arrival of the first flight, and the reservation telephone number is 0371-58517615; the range of passengers who enjoy transfer accommodation service: overnight transfer and transfer time is between 6-24 hours.

    (4) The accommodation service in Chongqing, Hohhot, Zhengzhou and Xi'an is provided by the airport free of charge. Passengers enjoy the service standard of the four airports. The time of providing and ending the service is subject to the notice of the airport.

    (5) after the official account of WeChat's public address, which was transferred to Xian Xianyang Airport, the "Western Airport" is a good idea. Click on "check-in" and click on transit service to make a reservation.

    (6) Xi'an Xianyang Airport free accommodation service:

    &The team should call 2 working days in advance to make a reservation. Call the official service hotline of Xianyang Airport at 029-96788-9 to make an appointment.

    &Individual passengers need to book one working day in advance.

    &Please reserve the correct mobile phone number. After the reservation is passed, please check the confirmation SMS sent by the airport.

    (7) during the epidemic period, the transit accommodation service in Urumqi was suspended.