Hainan Airlines
Plan for International and Region Flights in Winter and Spring
Country Route Flight No. Flight Schedule
United States Beijing=Boston HU729/HU730 Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
(The return journey stops in Seattle.)
Canada Shenzhen=Vancouver HU7959/HU7960 Thursday
Belgium Beijing=Brussels HU491/HU492 Daily
Shenzhen=Brussels HU759/HU760 Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Germany Beijing=Berlin HU489/HU490 Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Italy Chongqing=Rome HU7991/HU7992 Monday, Friday
New Chongqing=Milan HU427/HU428 Tuesday, Friday
(Flight Starting on Mar.19th 2024)
Shenzhen=Rome HU437/HU438 Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Shenzhen=Milan HU7973/HU7974 Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
Spain Chongqing=Madrid HU727/HU728 Thursday, Sunday
France Shenzhen=Paris HU757/HU758 Monday, Friday
Chongqing=Paris HU717/HU718 Tuesday
Serbia Beijing=Belgrade HU7969/HU7970 Tuesday, Saturday
United Kingdom Beijing=Manchester HU753/HU754 Thursday, Sunday
HaiKou=Changsha=London HU7963/HU7964 Monday, Friday
New Beijing=Edinburgh HU407/HU408 Monday, Friday
(Flight Starting on May.17th 2024)
Ireland New Beijing=Dublin HU751/HU752 Tuesday, Saturday
(Flight Starting on Apr.2nd 2024)
Russia Beijing=Moscow HU7985/HU7986 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Beijing=St. Petersburg HU7965/HU7966 Sunday
Beijing=Irkutsk HU7967/HU7968 Wednesday, Saturday
Dalian=Vladivostok HU463/HU464 Thursday (Starting from March 17th, the frequency will increase to every Thursday and Sunday.)
Israel Shanghai=Tel Aviv HU777/HU778 Monday, Thursday
Beijing=Tel Aviv HU7957/HU7958 Wednesday, Sunday
Shenzhen=Tel Aviv HU743/HU744 Tuesday, Friday
United Arab Emirates Haikou=Abu Dhabi HU763/HU764 Tuesday, Saturday
Egypt Shenzhen=Cairo HU471/HU472 Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Australia Taiyuan=HaiKou=Sydney HU447/HU448 Monday, Friday
HaiKou=Sydney HU775/HU776 Thursday
HaiKou=Melbourne HU483/HU484 Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
New Zealand Shenzhen=Auckland HU7931/HU7932 Tuesday, Saturday
HaiKou=Auckland HU797/HU798 Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Thailand Beijing=Bangkok HU429/HU430 Daily
Beijing=Bangkok HU7995/HU7996 Daily
Beijing=Phuket HU7929/HU7930 Daily
HaiKou=Bangkok HU7939/HU7940 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Singapore HaiKou=Singapore HU747/HU748 Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Vietnam HaiKou=Ho Chi Minh City HU767/HU768 Monday, Thursday
Laos HaiKou=Vientiane HU461/HU462 Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Japan Beijing=Tokyo (Narita) HU439/HU440 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Xi'an=Tokyo (Narita) HU7927/HU7928 Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
Beijing=Osaka HU473/HU474 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Hangzhou=Sapporo HU485/HU486 Monday, Friday
China HaiKou=China HongKong HU705/HU706 Daily
HaiKou=China Macao HU7935/HU7936 Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Beijing=China Taipei HU7987/HU7988 Friday, Sunday
Guangzhou=China Taipei HU7981/HU7982 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

*The actual information is subject to the sales system display.

*Winter and Spring Plan: From October 30, 2023 to March 30, 2024

*Update Date: February 29, 2024