Due to the possibility of adjustments to entry and exit policies at any time and to ensure smooth travel, please carefully review the entry and exit regulations of the flight's origin, stopover, transit, and destination countries and regions before traveling, and prepare relevant documents in advance as required.

Important Information before Booking

  • About your Contact Information

    Always ensure that the contact information related to your booking is up-to-date. This allows us to promptly inform you of any changes or delays with the flight schedules.

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  • Flight Schedule

    Find the latest scheduling information for both domestic and international flights.

    Flight schedules
  • Change or Refund

    You can apply to reschedule your flight or refund your ticket.

    Change or Refund
  • Domestic/International Transfer Guide

    Find the latest transit information for domestic flights and international flights.

    Domestic transit guide / International transit guide

Before Takeoff

  • Check-in

    Check in equipment will be regularly disinfected.

    Advocate contactless services such as self-check in services.

  • VIP Lounge

    VIP lounge is cleaned and disinfected regularly.

In the Cabin

  • In-flight Health and Safety Guidelines

    During the flight, please only sit in your assigned seat. Please reduce unnecessary walking around during the flight. Wash and disinfect your hands before meals, after using the toilet or after touching arm rests, the bathroom doors and other objects. If your hands are not sterilized, please avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes. If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, salivation, sore throat, etc., please wear a mask. Used masks, disposable gloves and other epidemic prevention articles should be sealed in a clean bag and handed over to the flight attendant for disposal.

    If you have Symptoms of abnormality, please contact the flight attendant immediately for help.

    In case of an emergency and the use of an oxygen mask is required, please first remove your mask before placing the oxygen mask over your mouth and nose.

  • In flight cleaning

    In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we will clean and disinfect the cabin environment and facilities and equipment on the flight.

    For in-flight equipment: The flight attendant will disinfect in-flight wheelchairs or bassinet each time before and after use to ensure that the passengers safety.

    For in-flight toilet sanitation: The attendant will regularly clean and disinfect the toilet on the flight. Cleaning and disinfection is carried out once every 10 people uses or every 2 hours.

  • Emergency Measures

    Passengers with suspected symptoms: flight attendants provide necessary protective equipment for passengers with suspected symptoms to reduce unnecessary personnel contact.

After Arrival

  • Passengers

    Passengers need to complete the online customs declaration and go through customs inspection according to the customs requirements of the destination airport. (If any)