Self-Service Check-in at Airport

Self-Service Check-in at Airport

Introduction to Self-Service Check-in Kiosk and Its Functions

Kiosk Introduction:

  1. 2 Common-Use Self-Service kiosks are provided in the Terminal 1 of Haikou Meilan Airport.


  1. a. Seat selection
  2. b. Printing itineraries(Temporarily closed during the epidemic period)
  3. c. Printing online check-in boarding pass

Operating Procedure of Self-Service kiosk

(1) Click "Enter" on the Homepage.
(2) Enter in the Identification section the identification number of the valid identification you have provided during booking and your personal information. Second generation ID cards and passports issued by the People's Republic of China can be scanned directly into the kiosk in designated area of the kiosk.
(3) After you have finished entering your identification information, the screen will display your flight information. After clicking "Confirm", the self check-in system will direct you to the seat selection section. The white seats are available for selection. Select your preferred seat(s) and then press "Next" to print out your boarding pass.

(4) If you are a Fortune Wings frequent flyer, after selecting your seats, you may return to the previous page to enter your frequent flyer number in order to accumulate points for your flight.
(5) If you have not printed your electronic itinerary, you may press "Print Itinerary" to print it.
Tips: High-end passengers will not be able to enjoy priority baggage service if they check their baggage at the airport self-service equipment. If you need to provide priority baggage service, please go to the exclusive manual counter for high-end passengers to check your baggage.