Pregnant Travellers

  1. 1. Unless deemed unfit for air travel by a doctor, we allow expectant mothers who are less than 8 months (32 weeks) pregnant to travel on our flight. To ensure your smooth travel, please bring your report of expected delivery date to purchase a ticket and board the plane. If you have any assistance service requirements or needs, please fill in the Service Application Form for Special Passenger Class A when raising requirements for taking a flight. We are glad to help you.

  2. 2. Healthy pregnant women who are pregnant for over 8 months (32 weeks, inclusive) but less than 9 months (36 weeks, exclusive) are required to bring: a pregnancy test report issued by a medical institution within 30 days (inclusive) before the flight, or a diagnosis certificate stating the number of weeks of pregnancy with the doctor's signature/stamp. If the pregnancy test report/diagnosis certificate is in electronic format, it must be issued through the official platform of the medical institution.

  3. 3. -The medical diagnosis certificate must include the following content: Name, age, weeks pregnant, expected due date, itinerary and flight date, suitable time for taking the flight, and if needs any special care during the flight, generally the certificate must be issued within 10 days before the departure date, if exceeds that time then it will be invalid.
    -The medical certificate is valid only with the doctor's signature and the official stamp from a Chinese county or municipal medical institution, or the one with equivalent level (such as national 2A level) or above.
    -If travelling from outside of China, the medical certificate must be issued and signed by a local nationally recognized doctor.
    -If travelling from Africa, the medical certificate can also be obtained from Chinese medical institutions.
    -Medical Certificates issued within China may be written in Chinese or English.
    -Medical Certificates issued outside of China may be written in other languages but must have an official English or Chinese translation attached.

  4. 4. For Health and safety reasons, expectant mothers should not travel by air under the following circumstances:

    • -If you are 36 weeks (9 months) or more pregnant.

    • -If you are close to the expected due date but are unable to obtain the exact expected date.

    • -If you are pregnant with multiple babies and expect complications.

    • -Passengers expected to have pregnancy complications

Additionally it’s not recommend to take a flight if:

  • -If you have given birth within 7 days before the flight.

  • -Recently had given birth prematurely with a difficult labor and the doctor advises against flying.

  1. 1. Expectant mothers (under 36 weeks pregnant) who need to travel alone taking a direct flight between Beijing, Taiyuan, Haikou, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Urumqi, Changsha, Hangzhou, Shenzhen ,Sanya and Chongqing, can apply for “Unaccompanied Traveler Assistance.” We will provide special guidance service from the check in counter to the boarding gate, special care during the flight, and guidance service again after arriving at your destination.

  2. 2. You can apply for the “Unaccompanied Traveler Assistance” when purchasing your ticket, or at the airport check in counter at least 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

  1. 1. Due to the particularity of air transportation and the sensitivity of pregnant women and fetuses to external environmental factors, it is recommended to consult your obstetrics, gynecology or other attending doctors before you plan to travel by plane during pregnancy.

  2. 2.When the flight has a diversion and the airport is not within the scope of this station, the ground may not be able to provide the full escort service due to the restrictions of the airport conditions

  3. 3. Please be careful when carrying luggage and avoid picking up heavy objects.

  4. 4. To help blood circulation while seated move your legs and ankles, and do some simple stretches. When the fasten seat belt sign is turned and it’s safe to move about the cabin you can walk around as necessary.

  5. 5. When taking a long flight, it is recommended to wear loose fitting, soft, warm clothes and comfortable flat shoes. Please do not fasten the seat belt over your belly, please fasten it over your lap.

  6. 6. Please drink plenty of water avoid dehydration or nausea during the flight. Also, please try to avoid coffee, tea and soft drinks before and during the flight.

  7. 7. If you need anything during your trip, please inform our staff who will be happy to assist you.