Chapter 6 Overbooking

Article 77 To meet the travel needs of more passengers, Hainan Airlines overbooks some flights with full consideration to the routes, flight schedules, times, aircraft types, and connecting flights so that the number of passengers being denied boarding due to overbooking can be minimized.

Article 78 Provisions on Handling of Overbooking

1. Hainan Airlines informs overbooked passengers of their rights through overbooking announcements on its official website and oral notifications.

2. If the actual number of passengers on board exceeds the number of available seats due to Hainan Airlines' overbooking, Hainan Airlines or its ground service agents will inform passengers who voluntarily give up their seats of the compensation and subsequent service arrangements by asking or placing bulletin boards at check-in counters and boarding gates at the beginning of check-in for flights, look for volunteers who give up their seats, and negotiate with passengers on the conditions for voluntarily giving up their itineraries.

3. Where Hainan Airlines and its ground service agents fail to recruit enough volunteers through the volunteer recruitment process, Hainan Airlines will designate the passengers who are denied boarding, based on the principles of public order and conscience, the needs of special passengers such as the elderly, the young, the sick, and the disabled, as well as the subsequent flight connections and other factors, and also taking into consideration the following rules on priority boarding.

(1) Senior, young, sick, disabled, pregnant passengers, and unaccompanied children who have special service needs with the consent of Hainan Airlines and for whom arrangements have been made in advance.

(2) Fortune Wings Platinum, Gold and Silver Card passengers.

(3) Passengers connecting to subsequent international flights.

(4) Passengers on connecting flights with tight subsequent connecting time.

4. Hainan Airlines or its ground service agents shall provide the following services to passengers who voluntarily give up their itineraries or are denied boarding in accordance with the following provisions:

(1) Arranging for free the earliest available seats on subsequent flights to allow passengers to travel as soon as possible.

(2) Treating refunds as involuntary ticket refunds without charge.

(3) Treating as involuntary rebooking or change of flight.

(4) Providing passengers with free meals and drinks during meal time, or with free hotel rest service when the time of the subsequent flight is four hours or more different from the original flight time.

5. In addition to providing passengers with the services listed in 78.4, passengers who voluntarily give up their itineraries or are denied boarding will receive a cash compensation of RMB 200 per person if all of the following conditions are met. Hainan Airlines will provide compensation to passengers through cash or a corresponding proportion of Fortune Wings points.

(1) Passengers who have already reserved a seat on the flight (including passengers with award tickets redeemed with mileage), excluding passengers with various types of awards or discount or free tickets for airline staff.

(2) Passengers must arrive at the designated check-in counter before the deadline for completing the procedures to check in for their flights.

(3) Passengers who are not denied boarding under Article 50 and 51 of these Conditions of Carriage.

Article 79 When a passenger voluntarily gives up itineraries due to overbooking or is denied boarding, he or she may obtain an "Overbooking Certificate" by logging into the Hainan Airlines APP, Hainan Airlines WeChat official account, etc.