Chapter 5 Baggage Transportation

Section 1 General Provisions

Article 56

Baggage carried by Hainan Airlines must fall under the definition given in Article 1, Paragraph 42 herein. Baggage carried by Hainan Airlines, based on transportation responsibility, may be divided into checked baggage and non-checked baggage.

Article 57 Items Unaccepted in Baggage Transportation

Passengers shall not place into checked baggage or bring into the cabin any of the following items, or else Hainan Airlines will refuse to provide transportation service:

1. Firearms and other weapons (including major components), devices that may fire ammunition (including bullets and the like) and cause serious bodily harm or that may be mistaken as such devices, mainly including: firearms designed for military and public security or civilian purposes, prop firearms, starting pistols, BB guns, foreign firearms, all kinds of illegally manufactured firearms, and imitations of the above.

2. Dangerous items, capable of causing serious body harm, endangering aircraft safety and constituting a serious threat to transportation order, including explosives, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, spontaneously combustible, substances which in contact with water emit flammable gases, oxidizers, organic peroxides, toxic substances, infectious substances, radioactive substances, corrosive substances, and substances and items other than any of the above but dangerous for air transportation. Mainly including:

(1) Explosive or flammable substances and devices, or items that may be mistaken for such devices (or substances), including ammunition, blasting devices, fireworks, and imitations of the above.

(2) Compressed and liquefied gases such as hydrogen, methane, ethane, butane, natural gas, ethylene, propylene, acetylene (dissolved in media), carbon monoxide, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), Freon, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water gas, lighter fluid, and liquefied gas for use in lighters.

(3) Spontaneously combustible, for example, yellow phosphorus, white phosphorus, nitrocellulose (including photographic film), oil paper, and oil paper products.

(4) Substances flammable when wet, for example, metals: potassium, sodium, lithium, calcium carbide (calcium acetylide), and magnalium powder.

(5) Flammable liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, benzene, ethanol (alcohol), acetone, diethyl ether, paint, paint thinner, pine rosin, and products containing flammable solvents.

(6) Flammable solids, for example, red phosphorus, flash powder, solid alcohol, celluloids, and foaming agents.

(7) Oxidizing agents and organic peroxides, for example, potassium permanganate, potassium chlorate, sodium peroxide, potassium peroxide, lead peroxide, peracetic acid, and hydrogen peroxide.

(8) Toxic substances, for example, cyanide, arsenic, highly toxic pesticides, and other highly toxic chemicals.

(9) Corrosive substances, for example, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, and mercury (quicksilver).

(10) Radioactive substances, for example, radioisotopes.

(11) Other items containing one or several dangerous substances.

3. Controlled implements capable of causing body harm or posing a significant risk to aviation safety and orderly transportation, including: controlled cutting implements, weapons and tools for military and police use, and other controlled implements that are subject to national regulations.

4. Other items that may result in body harm or pose a significant risk to aviation safety and orderly transportation, including:

(1) Infectious diseases/pathogens, for example, hepatitis B virus (HBV), Bacillus anthracis (anthrax), mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB), and the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

(2) Sources of fire (including all types of ignition devices), for example, lighters, matches, cigarette lighters, and firesteels (flintstones).

(3) Power banks containing more than 8 grams of lithium, lithium batteries with rated energy exceeding 160Wh (separate provisions are in place for lithium batteries used in electric wheelchairs).

(4) Alcoholic beverages that exceed 70% alcohol by volume (ABV).

(5) Strongly magnetic materials, items that have a strong and irritating odor or are likely to cause passengers to panic, and items that are potentially dangerous as their characteristics cannot be determined.

5. Safe brief cases, cash boxes, cash bags and other security devices containing lithium ion batteries, fireworks or other dangerous substances (excluding those set out in of IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations).

6. Mace, pepper spray, and other irritating or incapacitating substances.

7. Small medical oxygen (or air) cylinders, and liquid oxygen devices.

8. Electronic dry-powder extinguishers.

9. Stunning devices containing explosive, compressed air, lithium battery, or other dangerous substances (for example, Tasers).

10. Any kind of matches (including friction match, safety match), lighters (including fuel for lighters), and lithium battery-powered lighters.

11. Lithium battery-powered balance cars (for example, monocycles, mobility scooters, somatosensory cars, etc.) and related parts and components.

12. Ready-to-eat meals (MREs), for example, ready-to-eat rice (including rice and flameless heater).

13. SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

14. Avalanche packs.

15. Wild animals and animals of strange shape or likely to injure people, for example, snakes, wolfhounds, and mastiffs, which do not fall under the scope of small animals (domesticated dogs, cats, birds or other pets), are not allowed to carried as baggages. Those handled in accordance with pet carriage requirements herein are exceptions.

16. Items that Hainan Airlines consider unsuitable for carriage due to the following reasons: hazard, insecurity, packing, weight, size, dimensions, shape, nature, and items being fragile or perishable due to aircraft type, etc.

17. Other items prohibited by national laws, administrative regulations, and rules.

18. Items prohibited by law from leaving, entering or transiting through the People's Republic of China or other countries in the course of transportation.

Article 58 Items Unsuitable as Checked Baggage

The following items are not suitable to be carried as checked baggage or placed in checked baggage. If such items included in checked baggage are lost or damaged, Hainan Airlines are liable for them only as common checked baggage.

1. Important documents and materials;

2. Securities, including but not limited to money and bills;

3. Jewels, precious metals (gold, silver, etc.) ,and precious metal products;

4. Antiques, paintings, and calligraphic works;

5. Fragile and easily damaged items, perishable items;

6. Samples;

7. Electronic & digital devices;

8. Travel documents, medical certificates, and X-ray films;

9. Prescription drugs that need to be taken regularly;

10. Other items that require personal care and are not suitable as checked baggage or placed in checked baggage, subject to weight and size limits of Hainan Airlines, may be brought into the cabin as hand baggage and taken care of by passengers.

Article 59 Items with Limitation of Transportation

Hainan Airlines have strict requirements on the following items concerning their size, weight, quantity, shape, content, nature, form of packing and transportation, and supporting documents, and they may be accepted only when satisfying the transport conditions of Hainan Airlines:

1. Precision instruments and electrical appliances.

2. Firearms and ammunition.

3. Pets and service dogs (guide dogs, hearing dogs, assistance dogs, etc.).

4. Diplomatic bags, confidential files.

5. Electric wheelchairs used by passengers during travel.

6. Alcoholic beverages.

7. Dry ice for packaging fresh items.

8. Liquids, medicines, makeup and so on, used by passengers during travel.

9. Spare batteries (including lithium batteries, Ni-MH batteries, and various dry batteries), power banks, and mobile power packs.

10. Lithium batteries and power banks containing more than 2 grams but no more than 8 grams of lithium, with rated energy exceeding 100Wh but no more than 160Wh.

11. Small medical or clinical thermometers for personal use.

12. Mercury barometers or thermometers carried by the staff of meteorological bureaus or relevant agencies.

13. Sharp and blunt implements other than controlled cutting implements, for example, kitchen knives, fruit knives, table knives, craft knives, surgical knives, butcher knives, carving knives, planers, scissors, utility knives, paper cutters, milling cutters and sickles, knives, swords, halberds and spears used in martial arts performances, knives and swords as antiques or tourist souvenirs, sticks (including expandable batons and nunchakus), bats, pool cues, cricket bats, hockey sticks, golf clubs, trekking poles, ski poles and brass knuckles (for keeping hands in a fixed position), steel files, axes, short clubs, hammers, etc.

For further information, please check on the Hainan Airlines official website: or call 95339.

Section 2 Packing, Size and Weight Limits

Article 60 Checked Baggage

1. All checked baggage must be properly packed, locked, and fastened, securely tied, capable of withstanding reasonable pressure, safely loaded, unloaded, and transported under normal operating conditions, and must meet the following conditions:

(1) Suitcases, travel bags, and handbags must be locked;

(2) Two or more pieces of baggage shall not be tied together and checked in as one piece of baggage;

(3) No other items may be attached or tied to the outside of the baggage;

(4) Bamboo/wicker baskets, string bags, straw rope, plastic bags, etc. may not be used as packaging for baggage;

(5) Packages with dangerous good signs or labels shall not be used for outside packing;

(6) Passenger's name, detailed address, and telephone number should be written on the baggage.

(7) Padding of sawdust, husk, or straw is not allowed inside suitcases.

2. Each piece of checked baggage must not weigh more than 32kg or 70 pounds, with total dimensions no more than 203cm (80 inches). Please contact Hainan Airline cargo transport department to handle the carriage if passenger baggage exceeds above limits.

Article 61 Hand Baggage

1. Passengers shall put their hand baggage under the seat in front of them or within the overhead bin.

2. Unless otherwise specified herein, for flights to or from the United States, one piece of hand baggage is allowed for each passenger; For other international flights, two pieces of hand baggage are allowed for each Business Class passenger, and one piece for each Economy Class passenger. A piece of hand baggage brought into the cabin shall not weigh more than 10kg (22 pounds), with total dimensions (length + width + height) no more than 115cm (45 inches). Baggage exceeding above limits shall be transported as checked baggage.

3. Passengers shall give a prior notice to and obtain consent from Hainan Airlines, to bring the baggage into the passenger cabin and pay relevant fees, provided that the baggage is not suitable for cargo cabin, for example, musical instruments, and does not comply with Paragraph 2 of this article.

Section 3 Free Baggage Allowance and Excess Baggage Charges

Article 62 Free Baggage Allowance

1. Free baggage allowance is available to international transportation either piece or weight-based. Passengers may bring free baggage in accordance with the conditions and limits in the regulations of Hainan Airlines.

2. When passengers buy a ticket of mixed class, free baggage allowance may be calculated separately in accordance with the ticket class of respective leg of flight.

3. Where two or more passengers, travelling as one party to the same destination or point of stopover place by the same flight, present themselves and their baggage at the same time and place, their free baggage allowance may be calculated together in accordance with respective ticket fare class.

4. In the event of a voluntary change of ticket, free baggage allowance for the ticket fare class after the itinerary change shall apply. In case of an involuntary change of ticket, free baggage allowance for the original ticket fare class shall apply.

5. For the domestic part of an international connecting flight, free baggage allowance for each passenger shall be that applicable to the said international route. For the domestic part of an international transfer but non-connecting flight, free baggage allowance shall be that stated on the domestic ticket.

6. A special passenger on board a flight may bring necessary auxiliary devices (foldable wheelchair, walking stick, artificial limb, etc.) free of charge, and a passenger on a stretcher is entitled total free baggage allowance for occupied seats.

7. When passengers have extra seat(s), free baggage allowance will be decided in accordance with the ticket fare class and the number of passenger seats. Ticket for hand baggage has no free baggage allowance.

8. In addition to regular free baggage allowance, a Fortune Wings Club Elite member is entitled to bring another piece of baggage free of charge.

9. Weight-based free baggage allowance.

Unless otherwise required by the Hainan Airlines, free baggage allowance per passenger shall apply:

(1) Business class passengers holding adult or child tickets are 30 kilograms free baggage allowance, and economy class passengers are 20 kilograms free baggage allowance;

(2) Passengers holding non occupied baby tickets do not have free baggage allowance, and each non occupied baby can be checked in with a foldable baby stroller for free.

10. Piece-based free baggage allowance.

Piece-based free baggage allowance shall be handled as required for respective routes, for further information, please check on the Hainan Airlines official website:

11. Free baggage allowance for a charter flight shall be handled in accordance with the charter agreement.

Article 63 Excess Baggage Charges

1. Excess baggage means the part of checked baggage and non-checked baggage exceeding free baggage allowance for the passenger, and it shall be charged as required.

2. To collect the charges, a form shall be filled in for excess baggage.

3. Excess baggage shall be charged in accordance with the rate applicable to respective routes, for details, please check on the Hainan Airlines official website:

Section 4 Baggage Value Declaration

Article 64

1. Baggage value may be declared when checked baggage is more than USD30.00 per kg or an equivalent amount of other currency.

2. The value declared for checked baggage shall not exceed the actual value of the baggage. Baggage value declared by a passenger shall be no more than USD2,500.00. In case that Hainan Airlines object to the declared value while passengers refuse inspection, Hainan Airlines are entitled to transport the baggage not in accordance with the declared value.

3. Hainan Airlines will collect a surcharge for the part of declared baggage value in excess of the limit specified in the foregoing Paragraph 1.

4. When the baggage for value declaration satisfies the other charges of Hainan Airlines, it shall be charged in accordance with relevant provisions, which will not be calculated together with value declaration surcharge.

5. Value declaration is available only to the entire checked baggage. Value declaration is not available to any single item in the baggage.

6. Baggage value declaration is not available to non-checked baggage and pets.

Section 5 Collection of Baggage

Article 65 Right to Refuse Carriage

1. Passenger's checked baggage and non-checked baggage shall not violate the State's relevant prohibitions and limitations of transportation. Hainan Airlines will refuse the collection or terminate the transportation and inform passengers if, in the course of collection and transportation, Hainan Airlines find passenger's baggage contains any item unacceptable as baggage.

2. Hainan Airlines may refuse to carry as baggage contains any item considered by Hainan Airlines to be unsuitable for transportation because of its size, shape, weight, content, character, or for safety or operational reasons, or for the comfort and convenience of other passengers, if passengers cannot or refuse to make improvements upon the request of Hainan Airlines.

3. Passenger's baggage shall be properly packed as Hainan Airlines have required, or else Hainan Airlines have the right to refuse its transportation.

Article 66 Right of Search

For reasons of safety and security Hainan Airlines may request passengers to permit a search and scan, and a search, scan, or x-ray of their baggage. When necessary, passenger baggage may be searched in their absence. When passengers are unwilling to comply with such request or found not complying with the regulations of Hainan Airlines, Hainan Airlines may refuse to carry the baggage. In the event a search or scan causing damage to passengers, or a search, scan, or x-ray causing damage to passenger baggage, Hainan Airlines shall not be liable for such damage unless due to its fault or negligence.

Article 67 Collection and Delivery

1. Passengers must present a valid ticket for checked baggage.

2. Hainan Airlines will not accept passenger baggage for transportation until passengers apply for it during the check-in procedures on the date of flight departure. Passengers may have a prior agreement with Hainan Airlines if they desire to deliver their baggage in advance.

3. Hainan Airlines will issue an identification tag to each piece of the passenger's checked baggage and attach it to the back of the boarding pass. Baggage from group travellers may be calculated together, and the identification tag will be attached to the back of the boarding pass for the head of the group.

4. Checked baggage and hand baggage will be handled separately by piece or weight and as required for respective routes.

5. Passengers will be informed if their baggage has any dispute over transport responsibility, and with passenger's consent, a disclaimer tag will be attached to the baggage to exempt Hainan Airlines from the corresponding responsibility.

6. Hainan Airlines only accept the transportation of passenger's own checked baggage rather than that of another person checked in by passengers. Passenger's checked baggage must be unloaded from the aircraft if passengers are refused boarding for security reason or refusal of security check.

7. Hainan Airlines prohibit baggage check-in at the boarding gate (excluding baby strollers and special devices for the disabled). Hand baggage may not be carried on the same aircraft with passengers if, at the boarding gate, it is found to be not in conformity with specified limits.

Article 68 Carriage of Baggage

1. Checked baggage will be carried on the same aircraft as passengers. Unless otherwise required by the State, checked baggage that cannot be carried on the same aircraft, whenever possible, will be carried on a subsequent flight, and Hainan Airlines will notify passengers in a timely manner.

2. Excess baggage, subject to the aircraft's capacity, will be carried on the same flight as passengers. When the capacity does not allow and passengers refuse it to be carried on a subsequent available flight, Hainan Airlines may refuse the carriage of passenger's excess baggage.

Article 69 Carriage of Pets

1. Pets refer to domesticated dogs and cats of no more than specified weight that may be carried on the same flight with passengers Other pet animals, wild animals, and animals of strange shape or likely to injure people, for example, snakes, wolfhounds and mastiffs, are carried as cargo rather than pets.

2. Pets generally will be carried into cargo compartments.

3. Should passengers require their pet to be carried as checked baggage, please make reservation 24 hours prior to the date of departure through ticket office directly affiliated to Hainan Airlines or authorized ticket agents, and provide quarantine and vaccination certificates issued and affixed with the seal by the animal health administration authority. Upon the consent of Hainan Airlines, pets may be carried as checked baggage. Hainan Airlines do not offer interline pet transportation service. If passengers have an ticket for a connecting flight, passengers can only apply for the carriage of their pet for the leg of the direct flight, and upon arrival at the stop-over, passengers should take their pet and handle formalities for subsequent carriage.

4. Passengers shall bring their pet and its container as well as 2 copies of Pet Transport Agreement and other supporting documents, and handle procedures at Hainan Airlines airport check-in counter 2 hours before departure time of the flight.

5. Pet container and its packing shall comply with the pet transport regulations of Hainan Airlines, Hainan Airlines have the right to refuse carriage if passengers are unable or unwilling to improve pet container and its packing in accordance with such requirements.

6. Hainan Airlines have the right to refuse carriage if Hainan Airlines think its pet transport requirements are not met due to the pet's number, breed, age or health status, transport certificate, aircraft type, pet container, temperature at any point in the course of transport, relevant policies, regulations, and restrictions.

7. Pet container shall satisfy the following requirements:

(1) The pet container shall be firm, fit for air carriage, and able to prevent the pet from causing damages, escaping, or reaching a certain part of its body out the container to do damage to any person, baggage, or aircraft;

(2) The container shall ensure the pet to stand and move within, and be well ventilated to prevent suffocation of the pet;

(3) The container shall prevent the spill-over of excrement and pollution of aircraft, in-flight facilities, and other articles.

8. The total weight of the pet and its container and food will not be included into passenger's free baggage allowance, and passengers shall pay excess baggage charges separately. On weight basis, excess baggage will be charged as per 1.5% per kg of a single ordinary Economy Class ticket fare (full-fare) of a direct flight. On piece basis, excess baggage will be charged in accordance with pet transport requirements for respective routes.

9. Hainan Airlines are not liable for the pet's sickness, injury, or death in the course of transport, unless due to its reason.

10. Service dogs (guide dogs, hearing dogs, assistance dogs, etc.) will be carried in accordance with the relevant prevailing provisions of Hainan Airlines.

Article 70 Special Provisions on Cabin Baggage, Fragile Items, Valuables, and Diplomatic Bags

1. Cabin baggage

(1) Passengers shall apply for extra seat during seat reservation, and cabin baggage may be carried after obtaining consent from Hainan Airlines. Cabin baggage has no free baggage allowance.

(2) Passengers shall take care of their cabin baggage, and for each extra seat, such baggage shall be properly packed, with dimensions no more than 40cm x 60cm x 100cm. For the purpose of flight safety, Hainan Airlines will designate the seats for passengers and their baggage, and throughout the flight, the baggage shall be fastened with safety belt, and if necessary, tied and secured with fasteners.

(3) Cabin baggage is not included in the free baggage allowance, and its ticket fare is sold at normal discount.

(4) If carriage is handled by successive carriers, passengers must obtain the consent from relevant successive carriers.

2. Fragile or valuable baggage, in addition to other relevant provisions in this article, shall be handled in accordance with Paragraph 1 of this article, if extra seat is needed.

3. Diplomatic bags

(1) Diplomatic bags shall be carried on and taken care of by the diplomatic courier. Upon request by the diplomatic courier, Hainan Airlines may also carry them as checked baggage, but Hainan Airlines are liable for them only as common checked baggage.

(2) Diplomatic bags and baggage carried by the diplomatic courier may be weighed or counted together, and Hainan Airlines will collect excess baggage charges for the part in excess of free baggage allowance.

(3) Passengers shall apply for extra seat for diplomatic bags during seat reservation, and carriage as such is allowed upon the consent by Hainan Airlines.

(4) For each extra seat, diplomatic bags shall not exceed 75kg in total weight, and no more than 40cm x 60cm x 100cm in total dimensions. Extra seat for diplomatic bags all is ticketed at normal discount, and diplomatic bags with extra seat have no free baggage allowance.

(5) Confidential files carried by confidential staff shall be handled in accordance with this article.

Article 71 Non-conforming Baggage

Passenge'r checked baggage and non-checked baggage, if containing any prohibited, restricted, or dangerous items, as entirety, will be treated as non-conforming baggage. Non-conforming baggage will be handled as follows:

1. If non-conforming baggage is found at the place of origin, Hainan Airlines have the right to refuse carriage; If already accepted for transportation, Hainan Airlines have the right to cancel the transport, or transport it after non-conforming items in it are removed, and excess baggage charges will not be refunded.

2. If non-conforming baggage is found at the place of stopover, Hainan Airlines will promptly stop the carriage, and excess baggage charges will not be refunded.

3. Prohibited, restricted, or dangerous items contained in the non-conforming baggage shall be handed over to competent authorities.

Article 72 Cancellation of Carriage

1. Passengers who want to cancel the carriage of baggage at the place of origin must submit the request before the baggage is loaded on board. In case of ticket refund, passenger's checked baggage must be cancelled as well. In case of the above cancellation, excess baggage charges will be refunded as well.

2. If time permits, passengers may cancel the carriage of baggage at the place of stopover. But excess baggage charges for the unused part of the flight will not be refunded.

3. When the carriage of baggage with value declaration is cancelled, if at the place of origin, the surcharge on value declaration will be refunded, if at the place of stopover, the surcharge will not be refunded.

4. If, due to Hainan Airlines, passengers have to take another flight of Hainan Airlines, the transportation of baggage will be changed accordingly, excess baggage charges will be refunded if overpaid, and but no additional payment is required, if underpaid; The surcharge on value declaration will not be refunded; If passengers are transferred to a flight of another carrier, passengers shall cancel the carriage of baggage, and be refunded with excess baggage charges and surcharge on value declaration.

Section 6 Delivery of Baggage

Article 73 Delivery of Baggage

1. Upon arrival at the airport, passengers shall promptly present the baggage tag identification coupon to collect their baggage. When necessary, passenger ticket shall be presented for inspection.

2. Failing to do so, passengers will be charged a storage fee as from 8:00 AM of the day following baggage arrival. Hainan Airlines have the right to dispose perishable items in passenger's package 24 hours after baggage arrival.

3. Hainan Airlines will deliver baggage upon presentation of baggage tag identification coupon, and are not liable for whether passengers collect the baggage in person or not and any losses and expenses thus incurred.

4. Hainan Airlines will timely inform passengers to collect their checked baggage if it has any delay. Unless otherwise specified by the State, if checked baggage has any delay due to non-passenger reason, passengers may require it to be directly delivered, and Hainan Airlines will directly deliver it to passengers free of charge or consult with passengers for a solution. Hainan Airlines do not charge a storage fee on delayed baggage.

5. Passenger's acceptance of baggage without written complaint at the time of delivery is sufficient evidence that the baggage has been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the contract of transportation.

6. Passengers shall promptly report to Hainan Airlines if their baggage tag identification coupon is lost. Passengers shall provide sufficient evidence to collect their baggage and provide a receipt at the time of collection. Hainan Airlines are not liable if passenger's baggage is claimed by another person prior to passenger's report

Article 74 Baggage Undeliverable

From the day following the arrival of passenger's baggage, should passengers not collect it within 90 days, passengers will be deemed as having abandoned it, and Hainan Airlines may dispose of it as baggage undeliverable.

Article 75 Irregularities Handling

1. In case that baggage transportation has any delay, loss, or damage, Hainan Airlines or its authorized ground service agents will, together with passengers, fill in the Record of Baggage transportation Errors, find out the situation and reasons as soon as possible, and inform passengers and relevant parties of the result of investigation. Passengers may claim baggage compensation at the place of origin, stopover, or destination.

2. If, due to Hainan Airlines, passenger's checked baggage fails to arrive on the same flight with passengers and this causes any inconvenience to passenger's travel, Hainan Airlines will, as the case may be, offer passengers a provisional compensation to buy necessary everyday articles while waiting for baggage arrival.

Article 76 Baggage Transportation Compensation Claims

1. When collecting checked baggage, passengers shall make a written objection on the spot when they find any destruction, loss, or damage, and obtain the Record of Baggage Transportation Errors as an original evidence for compensation claim. Passenger's acceptance of baggage without written complaint at the time of delivery is sufficient evidence that the baggage has been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the contract of transportation.

2. When any destruction, loss, or damage to checked baggage is confirmed, at latest, passengers shall claim for compensation within 7 days after obtaining the Record of Baggage Transportation Errors; Before the damaged or stained baggage leaves the baggage claim area, passengers shall request for the Record of Baggage Transportation Errors, and claim for compensation within 7 days after such request; Without raising an objection at the time of collection but finding any loss to checked baggage later on, passengers shall timely raise an objection to Hainan Airlines; If there is solid evidence indicating that the losses are caused due to Hainan Airlines, at latest, passengers shall present it to Hainan Airlines in writing within 7 days after receiving checked baggage. In case of baggage delay, passengers shall raise an objection or compensation claim, at latest, within 21 days as from checked baggage's arrival at the destination airport; Failure to object or claim compensation within the specified time will be deemed as having given up such claim or not causing losses.

3. Passenger's objection or compensation claim shall be accompanied by passenger's boarding pass or itinerary (photocopy), baggage identification tag coupon, Record of Baggage Transportation Errors, excess baggage ticket (for passenger, or photocopy), and other documents and relevant proofs indicating the content and price of the baggage.