Onboard Use of Portable Electronic Devices

Starting from January 18, 2018, you can use portable electronic devices (PED) on Hainan Airlines flights, as long as you observe the relevant regulations for their onboard use. Details are as follows:

1. Electronic devices such as phones or tablets can be used in airplane mode for the duration of Hainan Airlines flights on B787, B737,A330 or A350 aircraft types. Laptops may only be used during cruise, not during takeoff or landing.

2. You can request a free trial of the inflight Internet (test) service, valued at 298 yuan, on Hainan Airlines B787-9 flights. There may be temporary changes to the inflight Internet service due to unforeseeable circumstances (i.e., reasons including equipment maintenance, system upgrades, and aircraft deployment), so this may differ from what is available on the actual flight.

(1) The inflight Internet service system will turn on automatically when the aircraft reaches an altitude of 10,000 feet. Devices that can use inflight Internet include phones, laptops, and tablets with an airplane mode feature. You can access the Hainan Airlines inflight Internet portal/Internet through the inflight Internet service.

(2) The inflight Internet service is a network connection provided by satellite. Please understand that the network may be blocked or interrupted due to circumstances including adverse weather, the position of the aircraft, crossing the Arctic, satellite switching, or browser or VPN restrictions. Hainan Airlines bears no responsibility for any data loss, delays, or errors in the inflight Internet service.

(3) To ensure flight and communications security, the Hainan Airlines inflight Internet service does not currently support access to high bandwidth video content or content to which access is currently restricted by China Telecom regulations. Please use the inflight Internet service with courtesy, observe Chinese laws and regulations related to civil aviation and communications management, and follow the instructions of cabin crew. In accordance with laws and regulations related to Chinese communications management, some network applications cannot be used. Hainan Airlines reserves the right to turn off the inflight Internet service temporarily or for the duration of the flight based on flight and communications security considerations.

3. Please remove headphones connected to personal devices at key stages of the flight, including taxi, takeoff, and landing, to ensure that you can hear cabin announcements.

4. To ensure flight safety, turn off the in-seat power outlet during key stages of the flight, including taxi, takeoff, and landing. The in-seat power outlet can be used to charge electronic devices after the plane reaches cruising altitude, but using electronic devices at the same time as they are being charged is prohibited.

5. The use of portable charging devices such as power banks (this includes phone case chargers) is prohibited on all Hainan Airlines flights. Using the in-seat power outlet to charge portable charging devices such as power banks is also prohibited.

6. Under special circumstances such as low visibility or suspected or actual electromagnetic interference, all portable electronic devices must be turned off immediately in accordance with announcements from the cabin crew, to ensure flight safety.