Hainan Airlines
Plan for International and Region Flights in Summer and Autumn
Country Route Flight No. Flight Schedule
United States Beijing=Boston HU729/HU730 Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
(The return journey stops in Seattle.)
New Beijing=Seattle HU495/HU496 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Canada Shenzhen=Vancouver HU7959/HU7960 Thursday
Belgium Beijing=Brussels HU491/HU492 Daily
Shenzhen=Brussels HU759/HU760 Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
New Shanghai(Pudong)=Brussels HU7921/HU7922 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
(Flight Starting on Jun.18th 2024)
Germany Beijing=Berlin HU489/HU490 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
Austria New Shenzhen=Vienna HU789/HU790 Wednesday, Saturday
(Flight Starting on May.29th 2024)
Czech New Beijing=Prague HU7937/HU7938 Monday, Wednesday, Friday
(Flight Starting on Jun.24th 2024)
Italy Chongqing=Rome HU7991/HU7992 Monday, Wednesday
Shenzhen=Rome HU437/HU438 Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Chongqing=Milan HU427/HU428 Tuesday, Friday
Shenzhen=Milan HU7973/HU7974 Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
Spain Chongqing=Madrid HU727/HU728 Thursday, Sunday
France Shenzhen=Paris HU757/HU758 Monday, Friday
Chongqing=Paris HU717/HU718 Saturday
Serbia Beijing=Belgrade HU7969/HU7970 Tuesday, Saturday
United Kingdom Beijing=Manchester HU753/HU754 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
HaiKou=Changsha=London HU7963/HU7964 Monday, Wednesday, Friday
New Beijing=Edinburgh HU407/HU408 Monday, Friday
(Flight Starting on May 17th, 2024
Starting from Jun 26th to Sep 30th, the frequency will increase to Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.)
Ireland New Beijing=Dublin HU751/HU752 Tuesday, Saturday
(Flight Starting on Apr 2nd, 2024)
(Flight Starting on May 17th, 2024
Starting from Jun 1st to Sep 30th, the frequency will increase to Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.)
Russia Beijing=Moscow HU7985/HU7986 Daily
Beijing=St. Petersburg HU7965/HU7966 Wednesday, Sunday
Beijing=Irkutsk HU7967/HU7968 Wednesday, Saturday
Dalian=Vladivostok HU463/HU464 Thursday, Sunday
Israel Shanghai=Tel Aviv HU777/HU778 Monday, Thursday
Beijing=Tel Aviv HU7957/HU7958 Wednesday, Sunday
Shenzhen=Tel Aviv HU743/HU744 Tuesday, Friday
United Arab Emirates Haikou=Abu Dhabi HU763/HU764 Tuesday, Saturday
Egypt Shenzhen=Cairo HU471/HU472 Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Australia Taiyuan=HaiKou=Sydney HU447/HU448 Monday, Friday
HaiKou=Sydney HU775/HU776 Thursday
HaiKou=Melbourne HU483/HU484 Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
New Zealand Shenzhen=Auckland HU7931/HU7932 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
HaiKou=Auckland HU797/HU798 Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Thailand Beijing=Bangkok HU429/HU430 Daily
HaiKou=Bangkok HU7939/HU7940 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Singapore HaiKou=Singapore HU747/HU748 Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Vietnam HaiKou=Ho Chi Minh City HU767/HU768 Monday, Thursday
Laos HaiKou=Vientiane HU461/HU462 Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Japan Beijing=Tokyo (Narita) HU439/HU440 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Xi'an=Tokyo (Narita) HU7927/HU7928 Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
Beijing=Osaka HU473/HU474 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
China HaiKou=China HongKong HU705/HU706 Daily
Haikou=Macao HU7935/HU7936 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Beijing=China Taipei HU7987/HU7988 Friday, Sunday
Guangzhou=China Taipei HU7981/HU7982 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

*The actual information is subject to the sales system display.

*Summer and Autumn Plan: From March 31, 2024 to October 26, 2024

*Update Date: April 10th, 2024