Children Travellers

  1. Child passengers aged between 2 and 12 must be accompanied by an adult (over 18 years old and legally competent) when travelling by air. Each adult passenger may accompany:

  2. 1. Children under 5 years old (excluding the day of their 5th birthday): Each adult passenger over 18 years old and legally competent may carry a maximum of three children, or a maximum of two children and one infant, or a maximum of one disabled child. Children must purchase tickets in the same class of service as the accompanying adults.


    2. Children between the ages of 5 (including the day of their 5th birthday) and 12 (excluding the day of their 12th birthday): Each adult passenger over 18 years old and legally competent can accompany a maximum of one child and cannot bring any other children or infants. When an adult passenger over 18 years old and legally competent brings a non-disabled child passenger aged between 5 and 12, there is no limit to the number of tickets that can be purchased for the minor. Children must purchase tickets in the same class of service as the accompanying adults.


    3.If the number of children exceeds the specified limit, they or any unaccompanied children may apply for the unaccompanied service provided they meet the transport conditions of HNA.

  1. 1.The term “Unaccompanied Children” refers to minors who are between the ages of 5 (inclusive) and 12 (exclusive) and are not accompanied by an adult who is at least 18 years old and legally competent. Child tickets can be purchased for unaccompanied minors on domestic flights at a fare that is 50% of the regular adult fare for the same flight, or at other applicable fares (excluding those that offer a 50% discount), subject to the relevant conditions of ticket use. When travelling internationally, unaccompanied children must purchase tickets at the adult fare and adhere to the applicable ticket usage conditions.

  2. 2.For the following situations Unaccompanied Child Services cannot be provided:

  3. a. Sick and disabled children under 12 years old(excluding the 12-year-old birthday on the Gregorian calendar) travel alone;


    b. Passengers who are at least 5 years old (including the day of the 5th birthday on the Gregorian calendar) but under 12 years old(excluding the day of the 12th birthday on the Gregorian calendar) on domestic and international cross-flight flights fly alone;


    c. Passengers who issue tickets at non-Hainan Airlines Holding Co., Ltd. or ticket offices not authorized by Hainan Airlines Holding Co., Ltd.;


    d. For Hainan Airlines connecting flights (except for connecting flights on the same plane) or connecting flights between Hainan Airlines and other airlines;


    e. Hainan Airlines is a code-share flight operated by the market.

  4. 3. There is a limit on the number of unaccompanied minors on each flight. Please secure the "Unaccompanied Minor" service during booking and promptly fill out the "Special Passenger Service Request Form Type B" to ensure availability. Please click here to view.For domestic flights, if you did not make this request at the time of ticket purchase, please apply for unaccompanied service at the check-in counter at the airport at least 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the flight after arriving at the airport; for international flights, the request must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time, and any on-site last-minute application is not accepted. To ensure a smooth boarding experience for your child, we kindly advise you to reach to the customer service counter to complete the check-in procedure at least 2 hours before departure, and to remain at the airport until after the flight has taken off.

  5. 4. Your child needs to hold a valid ID, travel document, etc., including passport (or ID card, household registration book), air ticket, unaccompanied children service ticket and other document.

  1. We will provide each child with a "Little Traveller" folder, to make sure all their travel documents and boarding passes can easily be kept in order and secure.

  2. Hainan Airlines will have a specially trained representative to assist and accompany child , during check-in, going through security and customs clearance and going to the boarding gate.This person will also look after the child and their travel documents and wait with child until they board the aircraft.

  3. After boarding, the representative will hand over the unaccompanied child and their travel documents to an appointed crew member who will be responsible for the child during the flight and ensure your child has a pleasant journey.

  4. If the flight is delayed, Hainan Airlines will appoint a staff member to take care of your child and arrange for accommodation, transportation and food when necessary. We will also contact you to inform you of the delay. If the flight is cancelled, we will contact you and bring your child back to the departure airport safely.

  5. We will ensure your child is taken good care of throughout the entire journey. After arriving at the destination, our staff will accompany the child through customs and help collect the luggage. After confirming the identity of the designated parent/guardian, we will hand over the child into their care.

Hainan Airlines' overseas website currently does not offer unaccompanied children tickets. If you require such service, please contact your nearest Hainan Airlines ticket offices or our service hotline. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.