Social Responsibilities

Philosophy of Our CSR

We hold that our CRS is an extension of our "Hainan Airlines Spirit" value system that promotes our CSR to a strategic height in enterprise development, strengthens our commitment to essential responsibilities including those for the government, shareholders, employees, customers and partners etc., and extended responsibilities including those for communities, environment, public good and charity etc., so as to enhance our CRS awareness.

Development Goals

While enjoying a rapid growth, HNA does not forget to actively promote its corporate culture spirit—“Do something for the public and others.” Since its establishment, HNA has made due contribution to the cause of public welfare by donating cash or goods to disaster-hit areas, poverty-stricken regions, China Disabled Persons ‘ Federation, China Charity Federation, the Red Cross Society of China, China Youth Development Foundation, China Women Development Foundation, China Association of Environmental Protection Industry, and other individuals and groups in need.

"Love Wings"—Our Charity Ticket Sponsorship

"Love wings" was initiated in 2013 to provide emergency charity air tickets for poor families with sick members.In 2014,Hainan airlines upgraded its public service model by integrating public service activites with "flyer points for public good" platform,leading to success of a series of public service activities including"Bring Love Home"、"My College Dream" and "Angels in Action"etc,provide free and preferential air tickets for impoverished college students, AIDS children,burned children,and other beneficiaries, helping them realize their dreams and solve their life problems.

Earthquake Rescue and Relief

Hainan Airlines undertakes the transportation task of earthquake relief including Wenchuan, Yushu and Ya’an and was designated as National Heroic Team in Earthquake Rescue and Relie by Chinese Party Central Committee.

Special State Charter Missions

Hainan Airlines actively respond to the call of the country to accomplish chartered evacuations and rescue missions and was granted honors from CAAC as advanced collective and individuals

Hainan airlines adheres to the concept of green development and actively practices the responsibility of ecological civilization. In 2008,we began to carry out energy conservation and emission reduction work and became the first airline to pass the energy management system certification in China . In 2016, the "Green Tour· carbon offset"public welfare project was launched and a carbon integral compensation plan was launched.In 2017,the first Sino-U.S. Green route from Beijing to Chicago using bio fuels was completed.So far, Our energy conservation and emissions reduction efforts had yielded a total of 552,100 tons of fuel saved and 1,739,200 tons of CO2 emission reduced(CO2 absorption by 66,000 acres of forest per year.

Focusing on building an excellent world-class airline company of the Chinese nation.