How does one earn Fortune Wings Points via flights with partner airline companies?

You can earn Fortune Wings points only if you're flying in an eligible point-earning seat class on one of our partner airlines. The number of seats in classes that are eligible for points and the accumulation standard is determined by the class of seat that you book and the partner airline company. Please click here to check our partner airline companies' accumulation standards by seat class.

Steps to ensure that the Fortune Wings points have been credited into your account

  1. 1. Before you fly with a partner airline, please consult the partner airline's Point Eligibility Table to check if your booked seat can earn Fortune Wings Points.

  2. 2. Confirm that the name and the passport number on your booked ticket match the name on your Fortune Wings Club membership card.

  3. 3. Provide your Fortune Wings Club membership card number when booking the ticket.

  4. 4. When checking in at the airport, please present your Fortune Wings membership card.

  5. 5. It takes about one month for your points to be credited into your account.

  6. 6. To ensure that your points have been credited into your Fortune Wings account, please log on to "Points Inquiry" on the Fortune Wings Club website to check your point status.

  7. 7. Please retain your boarding pass, a copy of your ticket and receipts from program partners until points are recorded correctly in your points statement.

  8. 8. If no points have not been credited into your account within the allotted time, please contact Fortune Wings Club immediately to process the claim. The time limit for claiming missing points is 6 months.