High Above is a lifestyle magazine with stories covering a variety of topics such as life, business, travel and culture, but not only that it also covers Hainan Airlines news, merchandise, in-flight entertainment, the Fortune Wings Club, transfer information etc.

  • Travel

    Exploring interesting places from around the world, travel tips and much more.

  • Culture

    Observe trends and hotspots in history, culture, art, thinking, and other fields from the mainstream perspective of the general public to present classics and pop culture elements, and balance knowledge and fun.

  • Perspectives

    See the world through the eyes of others, read positive and beautiful stories about people and their experiences.

  • Business

    Capture business trends, sort out economic contexts, interpret cases of business management, gain insights into consumer finance touch points, and provide forward-looking observation perspectives and reference suggestions to readers.

  • Feature

    Exclusive Hainan Airlines content, revealing our five star brand concept and image, high service standards, and details reports from multiple sources.

  • In-flight Service

    A practical guide to Hainan Airlines news, merchandise, gifts, in-flight entertainment, Fortune Wings Club, aircraft, routes and transfer information.