Hainan Airlines and Alaska Airlines Officially Kick Off Cooperation on FFP

Earning Hainan Airlines Miles on Flights Operated by Alaska Airlines

Today, Hainan Airlines and Alaska Airlines officially kick off their partnership for the airlines' frequent flyer program (FFP) cooperation, which allows Fortune Wings Club members to accumulate Fortune Wings mileage when taking Alaska Airlines flights.

Headquartered in Sea-Tac Airport, Washington, Alaska Airlines (NYSE: ALK) operates scheduled domestic flights from major bases such as Anchorage, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle, to Alaska, the east and west coasts of America, Hawaii, central and western regions of America, and Texas, as well as international routes from major U.S. cities to Mexico and Canada. It provides convenient transit service for Hainan Airlines' passengers heading for the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Miles Accumulation Standards for Flights of Alaska Airlines

Cabin Class Class Code Base Mileage (*K)
First Class F/P 150%
Economy Class Y 125%
S/B/M/H/Q/L/V/K/G/T/R/W 100%
Other Classes  A/D/E/N/W/X/Z  Not eligible for the accumulation of miles

[Scope of Use]

Fortune Wings Club members of Hainan Airlines can gain awards if taking the one-way or round-trip flights with the following codes:

AS 001 - 999; AS 2000 - 2849; AS 2900 -  2939; AS 3275 - 3299; AS 3420 - 3499

[Promotion Explanation]

  1. 1. "Fortune Wings mileage" is recorded in kilometers and is based on the Ticketed Point Mileage (TPM) as set forth by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). "K" refers to the actual flight distance of your flight.

  2. 2. Fortune Wings Club members can accrue Fortune Wings Points only when flying Alaska Airlines marketed with the flight code "AS". Free tickets, team tickets, and other tickets so designated by Alaska Airlines will not be valid for the accumulation of Fortune Wings mileage;

  3. 3. The fare base code refers to the code marked in the column of your ticket class. Please pay special attention to it, for it will determine your mileage;

  4. 4. Points accrued from one flight's taking can be credited into one program account only (Fortune Wings Club account or Mileage Program account of Alaska Airlines);

  5. 5. If your new air miles fail to be added to your Fortune Wings account, to file a retroactive claim, you can visit ffp.hnair.com, fax or email a copy of your flight certificates, or call 950717 within six months after the day of your flight. Make sure to preserve your boarding pass and a copy of your ticket until your new air miles are added to the mileage statement;

  6. 6. The above-mentioned accumulation standards of Alaska Airlines shall come into effect as of July 23, 2015;