Other Passengers with Special Needs

We welcome passengers with special meal requirements to fly with us. If your meal requirements fit into the scope of those listed below, we will provide you with special meals.

If you need a special meal, please raise your special meal requirements and fill in the Special Passenger Service Requirements Form Category A when booking and purchasing tickets at Hainan Airlines ticket offices, by telephone (95339), at ticket offices that have been authorized by Hainan Airlines or the Hainan Airlines' official website (applications should be made 48 hours prior to the departure of a flight).

We offer the following special meals for you:

Name Code Description
Religious Meals Muslim Meal MOML No alcohol/pork/ham/bacon.
Raw Vegetable Meal RVML Only fruits and vegetables.
Oriental Vegetarian Meal ORML No meat; contains dairy products; Chinese-style cooking.
Asian Indian Vegetarian Meal AVML No meat; contains dairy products; Indian-style cooking.
Hindu Vegetarian Meal HNML No meat; no onion/garlic/ginger/all root vegetables; Indian-style cooking.
Western Vegetarian Meal VLML Does not contain meat, but contains dairy products; Western-style cooking.
Vegetarian Meal VGML No eggs and milk; no meat; no dairy products; Western-style cooking.
Medical Meals Diabetic Meal DBML No sugar; less salt.
Fruit Platter Meal FPML Only fresh fruits.
High Fibre Meal HFML Contains high fibre products; no refined flour products/refined cereals.
Low Salt Meal LSML No natural salt flavour/processed products with sodium; no salt added in production process.
Low Calorie Meal LCML Less fat/sauce/gravy/fried food; food seasoned with less sugar.
Low Fat and Low Cholesterol Meal LFML No animal fat but allowed presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Low Fibre Meal BLML Restricted fibrin.
Low Protein Meal LPML Less meat and recommendation of less than 15 grams of protein; less egg/milk/salt.
Non Lactose Meal NLML No lactose/dairy products.
Ulcers Meal ULML Contains easily digestible and simply boiled/steamed food; no acidic food/fruits.
Others Child Meal CHML Suitable for children aged from 2 to 7; smaller serving than adult meals; easy to bite/chew.
Seafood Meal SFML Only fish and seafood are used as ingredients.

Passengers requiring extra seating (also known as passengers with extra seats for baggage) refer to passengers who request two or more seats for personal comfort or for their carried-on baggage.

There are no restrictions on application times or sales channels for passengers requiring extra seating. Tickets can be bought at domestic and overseas ticketing offices of Hainan Airlines, GSA, via the service hotline 95339, and at all ticket sales agencies. Passengers who need extra seats must submit their applications when booking. They must obtain the consent of Hainan Airlines and complete the Service Application Form for Special Passenger Class A.

Confidential couriers or diplomatic couriers should book and buy tickets in advance.

Seats for confidential couriers or diplomatic couriers can be reserved upon request. If they are travelling with a lot of confidential documents or diplomatic bags, they should apply for reserve tonnage in advance.

If confidential documents or diplomatic bags occupy extra seats, they should be handled according to regulations regarding passengers who need extra seats.

Confidential documents or diplomatic bags carried by confidential couriers or diplomatic couriers can be placed beneath their seats in the cabin with a weight limit of 10 kg. Under the circumstances that the flight does not have a lot of passengers, confidential couriers or diplomatic couriers may be exempt from paying for extra seats for their documents or bags which exceed the limit. However this should be dealt with respectively according to the following different situations.